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This Day in History: Wed. May 14th 1924


Milltown, May 14th – Architect Alexander Merchant submitted to the borough council on Monday night a sketch of the proposed new Fire house which is to be erected on the Cottage avenue side of the playground in the rear of the school. The cost of the building, submitted for approval of the officials was estimated at $15,000. A figure far in excess of what the borough fathers anticipated on spending. The plans, however, call for a magnificent home for the fire fighters. With a large place to house two machines on the ground floor. On the upper floor will be a meeting room and a recorder’s office.

It is also planned to have a lockup on the ground floor where “customers” may be kept over night. The plans call for a brick building. After debating the price, the councilmen could not come to any agreement on the subject and consequently had to lay the matter on the table for further consideration in view of the fact that only $8,000 was set aside in the budget for this purpose.

It is also planned to have a lockup on the ground floor where “customers” may be kept over night.

A request was received from the owners of Booream avenue asking the borough to take over the street. This was referred to the borough engineer to investigate. If the street is found in acceptable condition, the council will no doubt take it over at the next meeting. This refers to the eastern part of the street or the extension which has been opened during the past year. The street was recently scraped by the owners.

A very serious situation has arisen at the sewerage disposal plant in taking care of the waste from the eastern section of the borough or the part from the Russell Playing Card Company to the plant. It seems that this waste comes through the pipes in clugs due to the wax-like waste material which runs out from the Card Company plant. Many complaints have been made but the condition is such that only a clean out of the pipes every two days will remedy it. Further consideration of this matter will be given attention at the next meeting.

The “welcome” signs are, here and will be erected at the various places as soon as chairman of the streets committee can secure permits. They give a glad welcome to strangers when they enter the town and ask them to call again when leaving, They are to be erected at Miller’s. the entrance to Milltown from South River on the main street, at the big bridge, at Riva avenue bridge, at Elkins Lane, and at Ryder’s Lane.

10/04/1956 – HOSE COMPANY – These are 29 of the 40 members of the Eureka Hose Company No. 1 of the MIlltown Fire Department. The men with their equipment are pictured in front of their headquarters, the Cottage Avenue firehouse, built in 1925.
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