Emergency Fundraisers for Historic Train Station

Hello all! With the near completion of the new Milltown Public Works building, we are in desperate need of funds for building a new foundation, and moving the historic Raritan River Railroad Train Station in Milltown. The station has been given to the Milltown Historical Society by the previous owner. The new site location is approved by the town and county for the station to be moved to. We have a local contractor who has pledged support, and has made site plans of the new foundation and such.

However, with a pricetag of $68,000 for the site prep, new foundation, and transporting the station across the street, and on hand reserves of $16,000 from previous fundraisers, we are $52,000 short. There is a time crunch as well, as the owner of the land that the station is currently located on, really would like to see it gone. He has been very patient with us over the 10+ years, and we truly appreciate that. But the time has come to finish what was promised by the previous generation of Historical Society leadership, many years ago.

Under the newer leadership in the Milltown Historical Society, we have had many new projects and plans going on simultaneously to benefit the historic aspect of our beautiful little town and it’s Museum. This project, however, has been thrust front and center due to the aforementioned time constraints.

To close the funds gap, we will be planning several fundraisers in the very near future, and stay tuned for a charity GoFundMe that will be coming soon also.

The Raritan River Railroad Train Station
Milltown, NJ, as of 12 years ago…
…and today.

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