This Day in History: Jan. 15 1896

This Day in History: Jan. 15 1896

The Daily Times: New Brunswick, N.J. Wednesday, January 15 1896

Milltown Consolidation

An important Project That is Being Discussed By the Borough And Township

If it Materializes It Will Result in the Immediate Building Up of Milltown      

A plan of consolidation that will be of the greatest practical benefit to Milltown is now being discussed and very probably will soon be pushed forward to a definite conclusion. It is to combine the settlements on either side of the brook into one borough. At present, although the two are logically one town they are under separate governments. North Milltown, that on the side of the creek nearest New Brunswick, is a duly constituted borough, with a commission of its own, while that on the opposite side of the bridge is without municipal organization and is simply part of East Brunswick township. The plan is being bruited by members of the Milltown Borough Commission and by some members of the East Brunswick Township Committee.

The objects of the proposed consolidation are manifold, but the chief is this: In South Milltown, or the East Brunswick township portion, are several hotels, which annually pay a large sum in license fees. These fees go into the township treasury, although their patronage comes from Milltown almost exclusively. If both settlements were consolidated the amount realized from the license fees would be paid to the borough and could be used for street’ paving;’ curbing, sewerage and other borough improvements. This plan has been found to work most successfully in South River, where the license fees provide funds for continual improvement without the levying of any road tax.

The residents of both sections heartily endorse the scheme, and steps are now being taken to discover the legal method under which the consolidation can be effected. If special legislation is needed it is probable that the present Legislature will be asked to pass an act under which the change can be made.

Of course there are a number of other reasons why consolidation would be a good thing. At present the school systems are independent of each other. If the two sections were one, graded schools would doubtless be provided, as each section has a fine school building, particularly South Milltown.

The members of the East Brunswick Township Committee, are George F. Kohlhepp, John Perdun, John O. Cozzens. David Serviss is the clerk of the committee. The borough commissioners of Milltown were last year Dr. F. K. Riva, J. C. Evans, A. Wagner, H. Richter, B. Christ and E. W. Merritt

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