This Day History: November 10th, 1918

This Day History: November 10th, 1918

Milltown Boys On Firing Line Down Near Verdun

In the last issue of The Sunday Times a letter was published from Private George Warnsdorfer, son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Warnsdorfer, of Milltown, in which he told of his experiences on the firing line down near Metz. The American since then have approached nearer this fortress which General Pershing has declared they will take if it takes their last man to win, In the picture is another Milltown boy, Al Webber.

Canvassers for United War Work Campaign

MILLTOWN, Nov. 9.-There will be a meeting of the canvassers for the United War Work Campaign in the National Bank Building on Monday night at 8 o’clock. meeting will be for the purpose of giving final instructions and dis- tributing material to the workers so that they can start out immediately if they so desire to canvass their territory.

The raising of $5,000 in Milltown for the seven affiliated relief organizations of the war is the greatest task that has been set for the borough yet. It is a big sum to raise but the town cannot fail now when everything requires that a splendid showing be made at home. Let us all put the joy and the exultation of the peace celebration into practical dollars so that the work which makes the boys in the army happy may be carried on. canvas-

The following are the canvassers:

District No. 1 – Miss Dora Harkins, captain; Miss Stella Booraem, Miss Fanny Canter, Jos. Crabiel, Albert W. Moore.

District No. 2 – Miss Mamie Glock, captain: Miss Katherine Snedeker. Miss Mabel Stephenson, Wilbur Kuhlthau.

District No. 3 – Mrs. John W. Stull, captain; Mrs. Chas. V. L. Booraem, Chas. V. L. Booraem.

District No. 4 – Miss Anna Hofer, captain; Miss Elizabeth Patterson. Miss Lillie Huff, J. F. D. Heiniken.

District No. 5 – Mrs. Chas. B. Crabiel, chairman: Mrs. Wm. DeHart, Miss Gertrude Kuhlthau, Mrs. Chris.) Kuhlthau, Jr., Jacob S. DeHart.

District No. 6 – Mrsr. Christian Kuhlthau, Miss Mildred Stelle, Mrs. N. N. Forney, Lester Snedeker.

District No. 7 – Miss Anna E. Kuhlthau, chairman; Miss Mena Lins, Milton Brindle, Howard Booraem.

District No. 8 – Miss Bertha Snedeker, captain; Miss Susan Crabiel,, Harold Schlosser.

District No. 9 – Gilbert Gili, chair- man; A. L. Kuhlthau, Chris. Kuhlthau, Jr.

District No. 10 – D. Bardin, chair-t man; Wm. C. Kuhlthau.

District No. 11 – Miss Mabel Snedeker, chairman; Miss Elsie Crabiel, Howard DeHart.

District No. 13 – Mrs. Walter R. Smith, chairman; Miss Katherine. Walter R. Heil, Miss E. Kuhlthau, Smith, John Hunker.

District No. 14 – Mrs. Harold V. Kuhlthau, chairman; Miss Kathryn Hoelzer, Mrs. John Dora, Harold V. Kuhlthau.

District No. 15 – Rev. W. F. Barney, Miss Mena Lins, Miss Sadie Heinz.

District No. 16 – Mrs. R. B. Shep- pard, Miss Mary Kuhlthau, R. B. Sheppard. Mrs. Eimer

District No. 17 – Sayre, Miss Mary Schlacter, Mat- thew McQuinn.

District No. 18 – Miss Mae Kuhlthau, captain; Charles B. Crabiel. German Reformed Church-Mar- tin Miller.

Methodist Episcopal Church- Oward DeHart.

Russell Playing Card Co.-W. C. Horner, Robert Matlack, G. 1. Glines.

Red Men’s Association. John Klotzbach.

Jr. O. U. A. M.-Fred W. DeVoe.

Sr. O. U. A M.-Jas. Slover. Firemen Edw. Emmens.

German Society-Geo. Kuhlthau. Daughters of Liberty-Mrs. S. L. Rappleyea.

Red Feather Council-Mrs. Harriet C. Glock.


MILLTOWN, Nov. 9.-The many friends of Miss Josie Madden, who formerly resided on Church street, will be sorry to hear she is seriously ill with the influenza.

Herbert Keller, of Philadelphia, recently visited his brother here.

Miss Mary Roberts has been visiting friends at Trenton.

Mrs. Josph Green of Patrick’s Corner, visited her sister, Mrs. Yens Nel- son, on Thursday.

Mrs. Willard Wilson and son Willard, Jr., and mother-in-law, were the guests of Mrs. Peter Zenewich of School street.

Warren A. Roe, formerly principal of the public school, but now in Newark, was a visitor in town on Friday.

Mr. and Mrs. J. Keller are entertaining the latter’s sister. Miss Ethel Keller, for a few days. Miss Keller is a trained nurse at the Pennsylvania Hospital at Philadelphia, but expects to enter the U. S. A. service.

Mr. and Mrs. Jack Valentine of Clay street, are visiting Mr. and Mrs. James Beatty, of Newark.

J. F. D. Heineken, supervising principal of East Brunswick, presided at the Teachers’ Professional meeting held at Sumner Hill on Friday.

Many Milltown residents attended the Catholic Mission at St. John’s Church, New Brunswick.

Casper Smith of Middletown, Conn., attended the funeral of his mother-in- law, Mrs. Mary Graulich.

Milltown is having lightless nights for part of the time, generally from 6 until 7 o’clock, a rather inappropriate time as the most people travel at that time and many are inconvenienced.

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