This Day in History: April 27th, 1926

This Day in History: April 27th, 1926

Milltown Trolley Tracks To Be Paved, Says Board of Freeholders

County Fathers Meet With Council, and Consent to Expenditure of $25,000 to Pave Dangerous Section From Booream Avenue to Lincoln Avenue

MILLTOWN. April 27-After years of waiting and patient agitation the borough council was assured last night by the Board of Chosen Freeholders that the trolley tracks from Booraem Avenue to Lincoln avenue would be paved. The county fathers were represented last night by Messrs. Dey, Orpen. Quackenbush and Haight, as well as Solicitor Richardson. A representative of the county engineer’s office was also present.

A report from Freeholder George Applegate who has control of this section, showed that the tracks were in treacherous condition Many times the officials of the town since Mayor Christian Kuhlthau’s term have tried to get the freeholders or Public Service to do something about the situation, Mayor H. R B. Meyers during his regime tried hard to make the powers to realize the existing dangers and they saw it but could do nothing without funds. Mayor Herbert during his term used every effort possible but the same story arose each time. Mayor Klotsback tried next and this year action will be taken. The freeholders advised the officials that the tracks would be filled in with Belgian blocks and on each side of the tracks as well as the Trenton Junction turn-in. This gratifying news was received by council with pleasure.

Milltown has needed its trolley tracks permanently repaired for years, and there will now be s possible chance to enforce a traffic system through the borough.

The freeholders stated last night that there may be a slight delay In the paving work as they intend to take the matter up with the Public Service, but that the promises would be fulfilled and the street fixed up this summer. The Job is quoted as a possible expenditure of $25,000.

Pass Ordinance

The ordinance for paved sidewalks on all borough side streets was read and passed last night on first reading. The second and final reading will be at the first meeting of May and then the people will have to start putting down their walks.

Fire Drill

The borough firemen were called out last night to fight a field fire at Trenton Junction. It was allowed to run back several hundred feet. Fire Chief H. A. Christ started the fire as a drill, unbeknown to anyone else. This was done by the chief, who after a careful survey of the fire hazards in the borough, deemed it best to burn out this brush near the Junction before a serious fire occurred. Both companies responded in fine time. Several streams of water were placed on the fire as it took in quite an area with many homes in the Immediate vicinity, Chief Christ would like to have people advise him where other fire hazards exist in the borough so he can then arrange to have the firemen take charge and burn them out.

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