This Day in History: April 30th, 1926

This Day in History: April 30th, 1926

Milltown Spelling Champ Willard Lindstrom – 4.30.26 – Daily Home New

Milltown Champ

Spelling Champion of Milltown School.

The girls are still lending the hoys in the spelling bees sponsored by the Daily Home News and Sunday Times in the elementary schools of Middlesex and Somerset counties. Of the local schools six girls and five boys are champions. The best speller in Roosevelt Junior High School, who is still to be named, may be a boy, and then the balance will be even in the city schools. In the Middlesex county schools, the girls are so far ahead that the boys have no chance of catching up. Eighteen girls have been certified as champions, with but nine boys. Three schools, which have not yet named champions would not bring the boys record up to the girls, even if the champions were all boys. The boys expect to make up for their handicap of numbers by excellence of spilling

Milltown Speller Good

One of the best spellers entered is Willard Lindstrom, son of F. O. Lindstrom of Milltown. Willard will represent Milltown In the spelling bee in the Junior High School auditorium May 19. He has already won three spelling bees, conducted as preliminary contests In the Milltown school, and has been peeling in some extra time on his spelling since being named reparative of the school. In order to have the very best school speller take part in the county contest Principal Mensch of Milltown decided that more than one spelling bee was necessary as a trial of ability, Three were held, and Willand came out victorious. He will be one of the thirty-one spellers in the contest for Middlesex county honors May 19.

The latest city champions to be named is girl Leona Newman of the Bayard school, Although Leona is in grade six and a half she looks as if she had just graduated from kindergarten. She is the smallest entrant to appear on the scene, but one of the keenest. In addition to being spelling champlon of the Bayard school, she is also a champion in arithmetic. She won the spelling honor by a perfect test paper, spelling words which older pupils missed. Her alternate is Harold Levy, of the same grade. Leona will take part in the city spelling ben May 11 at Junior High School,

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