This Day in History: August 15th, 1919

This Day in History: August 15th, 1919


MILLTOWN Aug. 15 – There was an air of expectancy pervading to borough Council meeting on Wednesday evening caused by the an unexpected appearance of a petition tor Sunday baseball. The petition, however failed to make its appearance, whether it became lost in the rain or whether its sponsors thought it advisable to present it at this time is not known. There were, however, resolutions presented from both the Methodist and the German Reformed Churches urging the Mayor and councilmen to set aside any such petitions presented, as the playing of Sunday baseball would be most detrimental to the best interests of the community. The resolutions were received by Council and placed on file.

Another matter which caused the Council to take prompt action was the report that the American Railway Express Company was contemplating abandoning its agency at town, and taking deliveries through New Brunswick. It was the unanimous opinion of Council that this would be a severe setback to the borough, and a resolution was passed urging the American Railway Express Company to reconsider this matter, as the business interests of the borough required the continued deliveries as now in effect. The Chamber of Commerce and the business concerns will no doubt take similar action at once.

The “garbage” disposal matter which occupied so much attention late yesterday, was again discussed, and the matter was referred to the finance. committee to ascertain the cost and A possibility of a garbage disposal plant for Milltown. They will report back at a later meeting of Council.

An agreement with the Public Service Hallway Company was approved and the Mayor and Borough a Clerk directed to execute same on n the part of the borough. This provides for the consolidation of certain borough and street railway company’s poles, and will mean the y elimination of at least six poles.  

A communication was received from the Michelin Band, asking for the advice of Council as to the most suitable place for the public band concerts, and also for the privilege of having connection made for electric lighting from the borough wires. Upon motion the borough clerk was requested to acknowledge receipt of to the communication, and assure them of Council co-operation so far as the lighting was concerned: it was also thought that as a general rule the ball park would be the most suit able location for the concert.

The difficulty experienced at the sewerage pumping to recent rainy weather, as well as that experienced normal was discussed. and it was thought that some action would have to be taken in order to assure the plant taking care of the sewerage Matter was left in the hands of the finance committee who will report later with recommendations The Public Service Gas Co. was given the privilege of opening up Van Liew avenue for the purpose of laying 160 feet gas extension, to serve the property owners on that street. The New York Telephone Co. was given permission to make attachments to poles School street. The report of the collector indicated there is a balance on hand of $7,524 as of August 1st..

Warning AI Summary

The Milltown borough Council meeting on August 15th involved several significant matters. Firstly, there was anticipation surrounding a petition for Sunday baseball, which ultimately did not appear. However, resolutions from the Methodist and German Reformed Churches were presented, advising against Sunday baseball due to its negative impact on the community. The Council also addressed concerns regarding the possible abandonment of the American Railway Express Company’s agency in town and the potential consolidation of certain borough and street railway company’s poles. Additionally, discussions took place regarding garbage disposal, the location for public band concerts, sewerage pumping issues, gas extensions on Van Liew avenue, telephone company attachments, and the financial status of the borough. The details can be found in the provided newspaper article.

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