This Day in History: August 1st, 1917

This Day in History: August 1st, 1917

Jumps From Moving Train, Has Leg Crushed  

Calling to his friends that would be he would first off the train, Borinton Jetou, a French youth residing in Milltown slipped, as he attempted to jump from a Raritan River Railroad train at the Milltown station, last night at 11 o’clock and had his leg badly mangled. He was removed to St. Peter’s hospital in an unconscious: condition. This morning the staff physicians had to amputate the leg at the knee.  

Jeton with several other companions visited a local moving picture show, last evening and shortly before 11 o’clock started for home boarding a train at the local station of the Raritan River Railroad. When the train pulled into the Milltown station, Jetou wagered that he would be first to alight and rushed for the rear platform of the first passenger coach.  

While the train was moving, Jetou made a leap from the platform, but in so doing, he tripped and fell. Two of the cars passed over one of his legs before the train was brought to stop His companions were horror stricken, for they thought that life had been crushed from the body of their friend.  

The accident caused considerable confusion at the station and held up the train for fully a half hour. When Jeton was picked up, he was breathing very faintly and was unconscious. At the hospital, this afternoon, it was stated that Jetou was resting quietly.

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