This Day in History: December 2nd, 1914

This Day in History: December 2nd, 1914


Breton, Who Knew Mr. and Mrs. Porgoinnec in France, is the Principal Witness Against Them When They Face Jury Today.

John Porgoinnec and his wife, Marianna Porgoinnec, are being tried this afternoon on a charge of running a “speak-easy” at Milltown. According to Assistant Prosecutor Stricker’s opening, they sold without a license on October 6 and various other times within the past two years.

The State’s principal witness against the Porgoinnecs, who are French, was John Leroux, a Breton. Leroux cannot speak English, so Albert F. Russell was sworn as French interpreter. It is a long time since any French translation has been required in the local court.

Leroux testified that he had visited the Pergoinnec place many times within the past two years, buying beer and whiskey there. When ask- ed how many times, he said it was so many that he couldn’t remember the number, but thought it at least twenty.

On cross-examination by Walter Van Sickle he said that he had lived. in Milltown two years and worked in the Nickel works, in this city. He met the Porgoinnecs the day after he arrived in Milltown, but had known them before that, in France.

The Jury.

The following jury heard the case: Charles E. Paxton, Elmer C. Slater, A. C. Shreeve, Thomas Horan, Charles E. Breckwedel, John Case, Harvey H. Mershon, George F. Giles, A. G. Snedeker, Louis Appleget, Michael Masterson, E. W. Clayton.

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