This Day in History: December 7th, 1911

This Day in History: December 7th, 1911


About 25 Houses Have Gone Up in the Borough Since January-Chicken Thefts Lead to a Spree.

MILLTOWN, Dec. 7-The Philadelphia and Boston Face Brick Company, located on the east side of Milltown has closed down for the winter. They have been working for about a year and have done very well. They have four kilns and make of glazed tiling for mantlepieces, and all kinds of ornamental work. They were unfortunate lately in losing two kilns of brick, meaning a loss of about $10,000, that were not successfully baked, and which will necessitate some little changes in the plant.

Building Boom.

Milltown continues to boom in the building line. One may count about 25 houses built since January. Besides this much changing and repairing and painting has gone on. The carpentry work has been nearly all done by our local contractors, Robert Harkins and Adam Christ, with very able helpers These men are well known as good builders and they have been busy all summer.

Miss Edith Kohlhepp completed her business college course at Coleman’s, Newark, last week.

Paul Matske left Milltown for Detroit yesterday, where he will be employed in the branch office of the Michelin Tire Company. His wife and two little children will remain here for the present.

Fired at Chicken Thieves.

Sam Masillo saw two chicken thieves robbing John Peru’s hennery one night about a week ago, He fired off his gun and they disappeared, making some chickens with them. Peru did not show gratitude to Masillo, who lives in the other half of the double house, for not allowing the thieves to “clean the coop,” but got hilarious with drink, as he had often done before at all hours of the morning. Marshal Rupprecht brought Pedu to Recorder Headley, who charged him costs and threatened jail if he did not keep the peace. From the long, extended article in Tuesday’s paper concerning New Brunswick’s need of pure water and the unhygienic conditions existing in Milltown, one would be led to think New Brunswick drank only water, put their “brass buttons” don’t say so. The small number on the sick list in Milltown and the number that reach 70, 80 and even 90 years of age indicate that Milltown is not such a bad place to live in after all.

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