This day in History: January 26th, 1906

This day in History: January 26th, 1906


He Hunts and Hoes, Fishes and Rows as Well as Men Who Have Arms.

MILLTOWN, Jan. 26 – Deprived of both arms forty-odd years ago, John Fox, of Milltown, has become so expert in the use of the hooks which are attached to the stumps of his arms that he does many things as well as many men who possess both arms. Fox always goes out gunning after rabbits as soon as the season opens. One of his arms was taken off below the elbow, and the other above the elbow in a graining machine In the old rubber shop at Milltown.

Fox as a gun fitted with a strap which holds the weapon in place to his shoulder. With one of his arms, he supports the gun so that he can aim it at the game, and the trigger is pulled by means of a string with his teeth. Fox was out the other day and had not been searching for rabbits more than half an hour before he shot one. He returned to Milltown and had the gun loaded again and set out for another rabbit.

The old man is now 72 years old. He is an ardent fisherman in season and also manages to scull a light boat with ease. He takes care of a garden at home and pulls a cultivator plow by means of the hooks. He is cheerful despite the deprivation of his hands.

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