This Day in History: July 1st, 1916

This Day in History: July 1st, 1916


 July 1 – The consignment of fireworks which are to be displayed in the borough of Milltown on the evening of the Fourth, arrived in the borough yesterday, and plans for the big event are nearing completion.

It is planned to have the band concert start at 8 o’clock, after which the fireworks will be exhibited.

The display will be under the direction of an expert furnished by the Unexcelled Fireworks Company, of New York City, with whom the contract for fireworks was placed. and there is every reason to believe that the show will be a good one.

Knoll’s 20-plece band, of New Brunswick, will furnish the music.

Everybody is going to the Foresters Picnic at Red Men’s Grove, Milltown, on Monday night, July 3rd. Continuous dancing.

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