This Day in History: July 28th, 1916

This Day in History: July 28th, 1916


July 28-Of four houses in Milltown that were struck during the height of the electrical storm Wednesday evening the home of Conrad Kuhlthau of Riva avenue seemed to be hit the worst.

The bolt struck the chimney, tore the slate off on both sides of the house and distributing them several hundred feet down the avenue.

Mr. Kuhlthau, who is employed by the Howe Rubber Company, was not home at the time he having been delayed on account of the tie-up in the trolley system. His wife and children were terror stricken and their cries alarmed the neighbors, who soon came to their assistance.

Fortunately there was no fire set to the building and the damage was only that caused by the bolt.

The house was covered by insurance. The home of Joseph Rupprecht, Jr., also of Riva avenue, was struck, too, but the damage was not no great- only cracking the walls in some parts of the house and inflicting other slight damages.

The home of Robert Philips was among those damaged as well, but this was only slight. A house on Van Lieu avenue, occupied by a French family, was also among those that were damaged. This house, too, did not suffer such severe damage.

Past Sachems, Notice!

Following the regular meeting of Wickatunk Tribe of Red Men this evening, a meeting of the Past Sachems Association will be held to which all Past Sachems are urgently requested to be present as, at this time, the third and final reading of the by-laws will take place. Personal.

Miss Anna Hess, of Union Hill, is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Zinkan, of South Main Street,

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