This Day in History: July 3rd, 1914

This Day in History: July 3rd, 1914

Shoot Firecrackers Before Fourth and You May Be Sent to Jail


Pursuant to complaints received from various people throughout the borough regarding the shooting of firecrackers and pistols on the streets, and more especially in front of homes where there is sickness, Mayor William Kuhlthau said “I’ll put a stop to it or somebody will go to jail” and from now until after the Fourth of July, a special officer will patrol the streets every evening to keep order in the borough.

This means that the usual boisterous announcement of Independence Day which usually took place about midnight of the 3rd will have to cease this year and Milltown will go on record as favoring a safe and sane Fourth of July.

School Board Meeting.

Is a Board of Education liable for damage to neighboring property, or broken glass, caused by stones thrown by school boys!” is a question that was up before the educators at their regular monthly meeting held last evening with president William Kuhlthau, Jr., presiding and the following present: Clerk H. S. DeHart, George Kuhlthau, C. W. Waddington, Geo. Heyl, Spencer Berry, Albert Skewis, J. M. Brindle. The educators however could not see where they where liable for the action of the children and would not al- low their representative in the matter, the principal, to even pay the damaged claimed $1.50 out of his own pocket for a broken glass in a nearby barn. The clerk was authorized to write a letter to the claimant explaining the action of the board.

Clerk Howard S. DeHart was re- elected by the board last evening at an advance of $15.00 per year in salary.

A communication was received. from the State Federation of Boards of Education accompanied by a due bill for $5.00, but the matter was laid on table.

A committee were empowered to secure a manual training teacher for next fall and endeavor to find out Just what will be required to con- duct such a course.

Principal Meyers brought up the subject of allowing a certain local club the use of the school for an entertainment during the summer and of which half of the proceeds would. be donated to the local library, but the educators thought they would be establishing a bad precedent in al- lowing outsiders the use of the rooms, and thus put a ban on the proposition.

Three of the local teachers are attending the Summer School at New. Brunswick, viz: Mr. Meyers, Miss Shaw and Miss Ehrgood.

Library Not Open This Summer

Principal Meyers said last night that he had been thinking somewhat of opening the library to the public- this summer, but owing to the fact that a good many people seem to think that the epidemic of scarlet fever was in the school, many may hesitate to take books at the present time and thus the matter will be dropped for the summer months at least.

Why don’t the Milltown Board supply penholders, paper and pencils is another question that was put up to the Educators at last night’s meeting, but on account of many other expenses the matter was given little. consideration, although it was said that they may furnish the penholders and paper. The cost would not exceed $110 per year.

The following bills were ordered paid: Dr. N. N. Forney, $75.00; Morrison & Blue, $8.50; C. W. Kuhlthau. $18.62: Clerk. $15.00.

To Have Water in School.

As soon as the sewer and water systems are installed in the borough. arrangements would be made to supply the local school. it was said at the meeting last night, as the present water conditions are not very good.

The custodians report follows:

Balance                                                $1.817.46

Tuition Fee                                                   3.18

Flag                                                                  3.00

Interest on Deposits.                              15.00



Teachers                                              $649.45

Substituting                                        4.00

Retirement Fund                              200.00

Transportation                                  15.30

Supplies                                               11.99

Geo. H. Bond                                     12.00

John Ademas                                     24.00

Interest on demand note.            25 00

A S. Drty                                               2.50

Interest on bonds                            222.50


Balance                                                637.68


MILLTOWN. July 3.-Arthur Heinz, son of Mr. and Mrs. Adam Heinz. of South Main street, accidentally shot himself in the left hand yesterday morning with a blank cartridge pistol, and was wounded to such an extent that he is forced to carry his hand in a sling.
Dr. Forney was called to dress the wound. This in the second boy to be shot with a blank pistol this week, Elmer Brown being the first early in the week.

German Reformed Church News.

At the German Reformed Church beginning Sunday evening, services will be conducted in the evening.. during the summer months, between the hours of seven and eight o’clock. the service to consist of first a fifteen- minute organ recital and then a song service as last year.

The program for the organ recital follows:

Swedish Wedding March Solderman Melody in “F”           Rubinstein

Minuet                                                                                                 Bilment

At the Methodist Church.

At the Methodist Church the Sunday evening services will also be conducted between the hours of seven and eight o’clock, and the pastor will take for his theme “The Devil a Myth.” Rev. Hand will have for his morning theme “The Divine Family.” There will also be a Communion service in the morning. Sunday school will be held in the afternoon as usual and it will be Missionary day.

Personal News.

Rev. L. L. Hand, was granted at two week’s leave of absence during the summer.

George Reimers has left the employ of the Simplex Automobile Company, of New Brunswick, and has accepted a position in the droughting department of the Seigel Machine Company, New York.

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