This Day in History: July 8th, 1920

This Day in History: July 8th, 1920


MILLTOWN, July 8 – A vital need for Milltown will be met shortly when the new lunch room, recently moved here, will be opened by Mr. Williams of Metuchen on the corner of Main and Church streets.

Since William Prill discontinued his lunch room and restaurant about a month ago, a public eating place has been greatly needed.

Mr. Williams’ place will be open night and day excepting Sundays, when he will be closed all day. Connections were being made yesterday and the “hamburgs” will probably get on the stove tomorrow night.

Mrs. J. A. Ryan is entertaining her mother, Mrs. Mary Patterson from Connecticut.

The American Legion post will meet tonight in the Borough Hall at 8 o’clock and all ex-service men are asked to come out.

Election at the school house tonight. Your vote will be needed. It means an expenditure of an additional $20,000 in order that the new school addition may be made.

Since becoming superintendent of the Michelin Tire plant, Harry R. B. Meyers has done much toward advancing a recreational center and his latest move is to prepare for a “playground spot” for the youth of the borough in the spacious Michelin Park. One section of the park has been enclosed with a wire fence and allows sufficient spaces where swings and various other playground apparatus can be put for the clean cut recreation of the children of the town. When this is finished, which will be very shortly, it will mark another era of “civic pride” for Milltown.

Monday’s celebration cost Just about $750 and every cent was raised by subscription. The fireworks display at night was very good and it is hoped that the one of next year will be even larger for the crowd who attended fairly enjoyed the display and we believe will give willingly next year toward an amount that will enable the men to choose an even greater display.

Future activities look exceedingly bright for Milltown and the center of all will be the Michelin Park and the new community house. Boost your community for you have something to boost for.

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