This Day in History: June 20th, 1913

This Day in History: June 20th, 1913

New Postmaster Begins Duties Here July 1

MILLTOWN, June 20.-On the 30th of this month William H. Kuhlthau will conclude his services as Milltown’s post- master, after faithfully serving the office fourteen years to the day… During that fourteen years there has been a vast increase in the growth of the borough as to population and manufacturing, thus greatly increasing the postal receipts and necessitating an advance in our office from fourth to second class.

When Mr. Kuhlthau was first appointed the postmaster in 1899 the receipts for that year aggregated $460.98. while the receipts ending the fiscal year! 1912 amounted to $24,230.80, showing an increase of 284,769.82 for the postal receipts. In addition to this the amount received for postal money orders during the fiscal year of 1912 aggregated 831,- 037.33, making the total amount of receipts 855,268.13. The Postal Savings Department has also been added, but the income in this department has not been so great.

When Mr. Kuhlthau was first appointed in 1899 the post office was situated in what is now the Waddington grocery store. In February of 1910 a change was made to the present site for a more central location and a more modern office was established. The increased business has also necessitated the use of more help, the present force consisting of a first assistant and two clerks. whereas the postmaster handled everything fourteen years ago.

Mr. Kuhlthau will not retire from business. He will engage himself in the coal and feed business of the Kuhlthau Brothers Company.

The following list shows the yearly receipts of the local post office and will give an idea as to the increase of the business here:

1899-1900            Sept. to July. $   460.99

1900-1901                                            627.38

1901-1902                                            695.29

1902-1903                                            2,520 17

1903-1904                                            2.500.33

1904-1905                                            2,652.72

1905-1906                                            3,148.45

1906-1907                                            4,523 70

1907-1908                                            5.191.05

1908-1909                                            7,736.25

1909-1910                                            12,163.29

1910-1911                                            18,968.31

1911-1912                                            24,230.50

New Postmaster Takes Hold on July  First.

J. V. L. Booraem, who has been appointed postmaster of Milltown, to succeed W. H. Kuhlthau, will take office on July 1st, and his friends are wishing him success in his new field of labor.

Mr. Booraem without a doubt is well fitted for the position. and will render to the public good and efficient service.  He is very prominent here, being a large real estate owner, greatly interested in the the development of the borough. was for merely a member of the Assembly, having e been elected on the Democratic ticket for the term of 1910-1911, also being the 18 organizer and at present president and ha general manager of the Milltown Coal & Lumber Company.


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