This day in History: March 12, 1903

This day in History: March 12, 1903


Hoboken and Milltown Mixed up in a Replevin Suit.

The Daily Home News – Thurs. March 12, 1903

A horse and wagon figured in a complicated case in the District Court this morning. The first scene of the story revealed at the trial was in Hoboken, where Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Ehlers used to keep a grocery store. Some months ago they sold out the business to Frederick V. Gehrs, who assumed charge. Then Mr. and Mrs. Killers moved to Milltown, taking with them a horse and wagon, which Gehrs understood belonged to the business he had bought.

The next scene was in Milltown, where Andrew Hopper came from Jersey City with a claim against the Ehlers family. They gave him a bill of sale for the horse and wagon to satisfy the claim. He sold the outfit to Mrs. Ida C. Hermann, who keeps a bakery in Milltown. Later on Gehrs came for the horse and wagon and found that they were gone. He had them seized on a writ of replevin and brought suit in the District Court here for them.

This caused the third scene in the District Court room before Judge Hicks today. The case is known as Gehrs vs. Hermann, but Mrs. Hermann is really a disinterested party in the case, the suit really being against Hopper, who will have to make good to Mrs. Hermann if the plaintiff wins the case. Fred Weigel, of this city, represented Mrs. Hermann. Albert C. Gehrs and John P. Duffy, of Hoboken, represented the plaintiff, and Lawyer Fallon, of Hoboken. represented Mr. Hopper. Decision was reserved.

Judge Hicks this morning gave a judgment of $300 and costs to the plaintiff in the case of Charles W. Russell vs. Fred Stelle, on contract,

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