This Day in History: March 23rd, 1920

This Day in History: March 23rd, 1920

Location of MIlltown National Bank 1917 - 1924


MILLTOWN, March 23. – About might months ago the people of this Community were all stirred up over the continued attempts at robbery by a band of slick men, but hardly considered professionals. Now it leaks out again that a crew has been making preliminary plans for a “good haul” in Milltown. This story did not leak out until Saturday, after it was discovered that a crew of four navy deserters had been discharged from the Michelin Tire factory of this place for bad conduct.

The four men in question have seen prolonging their stay in Milltown now for about five weeks, and going under the name of “navy men from Atlanta, Ga.” The four men gave a hard luck story when they endeavored to secure work at the local plant, and the superintendent employed them because he needed help at the time. Everything in connection with their work went off very smoothly until last week, when was necessary to discharge them or their disturbance.

At the quarters where they were staying they had rung up a two weeks’ bill, and two of the men skipped before the proprietor could realize what had happened, but he went to the Michelin company and forced the other two men to square up before they left the grounds.

Now comes the report that these men were suspicion as likely thieves, as three places reported men attempting to enter the homes during the past week. It may be that the people are only excited over the matter, but they waited too long for their confession. However, is a known fact that they tried to borrow some tools from a local party, claiming they wanted to go South River and steal a suit of clothes, as they were “dead broke.”


A head-on collision was the fate of John Falk, driving one of his cars home from Princeton on Saturday night, where he had been on a business trip.

The accident happened at about 8 o’clock, on the road between Cranbury and Dayton, and was the result of a big army truck bound for Princeton crashing head-on into his machine.

Mr. Falk was driving the car at the time, and Mr. Elbe, his partner, was in the front with him when they endeavored to pass the big truck. They successfully passed the first one, and least expected an- other so close behind, but following was another truck being towed home by the first one. Both the army machines were without lights, and the second was partly in the middle of the road, and as a result when Mr. Falk passed the first, the second was so close and farther out that it crashed right into his ear and did considerable damage. Both army trucks were without lights, and the lieutenant took Mr. Falk and Mr. Elbe back to Princeton, where they signed a paper in order to receive the expenses for the dam- aged car, as the lieutenant admit- ted they were at fault, and gave as the reason for no lights that they expected to reach Princeton before dark.

Chamber of Commerce Wednesday.

The Chamber of Commerce will get back on the job again on Wednesday night, and a live meeting is expected to ensue. The Commerce men are elated over the possibility of their annexation project going through, because it seems now that everyone concerned in the annexation of this ground is perfectly satisfied, and when it comes up before the voters in April it is expected to pass easily.

The Commerce board will start out anew now, and endeavor to push over a few more such improvement ideas, and as they have a number of New ideas on the table, it is desired that a full attendance be had on Wednesday. The meeting will be held in Red Men’s Hall, and open to all whether members or not.

Personal Mention.

The young child of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Christ was christened on Sunday afternoon by Rev. L. S. Hammond, pastor of the Methodist Church. Frank Becza has purchased an Oakland touring car from Milltown’s new repair shop agency, Messrs. Falk & Elbe.

Prayer and praise service will be. held this evening at the Methodist Church.

Frank Becza has purchased an Oakland touring car from Milltown’s new repair shop agency, Messrs. Falk & Elbe.

Mrs. Edward Brown is a recent acquisition to the choir of the Methodist Church. Mrs. Brown, formerly Miss Florence Hardy of New Brunswick, was a former member of Pitman Church choir.

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