This day in History: March 31, 1916

This day in History: March 31, 1916


Some New Announcement to Indicate the Town’s Growth Appears Daily – New Dry Goods Store –  Opening of Drug Store – Rev. Hand’s Family Get Another Surprise.

MILLTOWN, Mar. 31. The name of “The Booming Borough” can be applied better to Mllltown every day. As In addition to all we have said about new establishments here the latest to announce, even though some details are lacking, Is the breaking of ground on the Schoppe property yesterday for what is said will be a store and flat. The store, it is understood, will be in the nature of a ladies’ and possibly a gentlemen’s furnishing department to be conducted by the owners of the property.

There is but one regular dry goods store at the present time and the probabilities are that another establishment of this kind will be a success. The flats too will be in demand as under the present advantages of modern improvements they can be made very comfortable.

“The Booming Borough” can be applied better to Mllltown every day

The daily Home News – March 31, 1916

Formal Opening of Drug Store

The advertising columns of today’s issue announce the formal opening of Milltown’s new and only drug store by Alfred W, Moore, whose place of business is in the Rosse Building on Main street.

As stated, before Mr. Moore brings with him valuable experience gained by practical service In the laboratory of Charles Stuckert, prescription specialist of Trenton. A box of candy will he given to all customers as a souvenir at the opening tomorrow.

Harry Hermann to be Married

The engagement of Harry Hermann, captain of the Michelin track team, to Miss Pearl Johnson, of South River, has been announced. The nuptials will be solemnize on April 6. Captain Hermann is popular and has the sincere wishes of many friends for a happy future.

Ground Broken for Improvement

Ground has been broken for the installation of water in the Methodist parsonage.

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