This Day in History: March 31st, 1914

This Day in History: March 31st, 1914


Will Be Benefit Entertainment Given by the Public

School Children Here on Friday Red Men and Friends Meet To-night.

MILLTOWN, March 31-On Friday evening of this week, beginning at 8.15, at the Public School, a musical comedy entitled, “The Minister’s Honey- moon,” will be rendered, under the auspices of the local school, the proceeds of which will be used as the first step towards a free public library in Milltown.

Four of the local teachers, who are also connected with the entertainments of this sort given in the Methodist Church, of New Brunswick, will appear in the cast. They are the Misses Emma Groner, Alta Ehrgood, Hazel Hughes and Edna Vail.

It is believed that many townspeople are greatly interested in this movement towards the establishment of a free public library in Milltown, and that they will co-operate with the teachers and the Board of Education by giving their support in attending the entertainment, for which the price of admission will be 25 cents to all.

The present library at the school consists of some four hundred volumes, and it is believed that with the proceeds that will be derived from the entertainment there can be purchased a sufficient number of books to supply the citizens of the town who may wish to take advantage of this opportunity to secure reading material.

Principal H. R .B. Meyers recently suggested this subject to the Board of Education, and it met with their approval, and if the plans materialize be has stated that he will be at the school at least one night a week and will act in the capacity of librarian.

If ten dollars is made on the entertainment held by the school the State will appropriate an additional ten dol- lars toward the cause and will continue to make this appropriation once a year on similar occasions.

Property Sales.

The property as recently advertised in the Home News for sale on account of taxes, was sold on the date specified, the Schwendemann premises being purchased by Frank Rudnitskie, of Fresh Ponds, and the Whitehead property by Mayor William Kuhlthau, Jr.

To Organize Pocahontas To-night.

To-night, in the rooms of the Wickatunk Tribe, No. 135, Improved Order of Red Men, the members of this lodge, their wives, daughters, sweethearts, and in fact all those that care to attend, whether connected with the lodge in any way or not are invited to a social evening, at which time matter of organization of a Pocahontas degree will be one of the main points for discussion.

As stated in last night’s Home News there are already some forty or forty- five that have pledged their names as members of the charter roll, and it is expected by the close of to-night’s program there will be a still greater number.

Dont’ forget, it’s to-night at eight o’clock. Come out, bring one or more: with you and hear what the officers of the Great Council have got to say about the benefits that may be derived from the organization of such a degree as hereinabove named.

Reception for Dr. Hand.

To-night at the Methodist Church, in connection with the regular weekly prayer service, a reception will be given Rev. L. L. Hand, on his return to the local pastorate. It is expected a large number will turn out.

Juniors to Initiate.

To-night Goodwill Guards, of New Brunswick, will confer the third in- Itiatory degree of patriotism upon the seven candidates that Charles L. Wal- ters Council, Jr. O. U. A. M., have in tow. The ceremony will be performed in Walter’s council chamber, and will be followed by a luncheon.

Michelin A. A. Directors Meet To-night.

A meeting of the Directors of the Michelin Athletic Club will be held at the French Club this evening.


Messrs. Ralph Thompson and Allen Otis, of New Brunswick, were Sunday visitors in the borough.

Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Horner en- tertained out of town friends Sunday. To-morrow evening the Misses Helen and Mamie Glock will entertain the Methodist Bible Class in the room of that edifice.

Rescue Council Notes.

At a meeting of Rescue Council held last evening, four beautiful pictures of Washington at Prayer at Valley Forge, as seen and described by Isaac Potts, March 1778, taken from the bronze by J. E. Kelly, on the Sub-Treasury, Wall street, New York, were received from William R. Ricker, a member of Rescue Council, formerly of this place, now of Elizabeth, with instructions that the council keep one for their own use and present one to each of the churches of the borough, and also one to the public school. The trustees of Rescue Council have been instructed to procure a suitable frame for the picture, and that it be placed in a prominent place in the lodge room, and it is likely that the other three will also be framed and placed where especially the children may get a prominent view of the same.

State Vice Councilor Howard S. DeHart has extended an invitation to the members of the local order to accompany him to Royal Council, No. 77, of Plainfield, on Wednesday evening of this week, where he will make an ad-1 dress, as well as the State Councilor William P. Thompson, of Moorestown, N. J. Anyone desiring to make the journey is welcome to go along.

Next Monday evening the first degree will be conferred upon Messrs. John Heinz and Alfred Hoffer.

Much regret was expressed by several members of the order last night on the demise of A. J. Cook, of New Brunswick, who was always a faithful, worker in the O. U. A. M.

In the Quolt League of Rescue Council last night Schlosser and Wolff gained a firmer hold on the first place, when they defeated Gerland and Hoelzer three straight, and Junker and Kohrherr two out of three.

Emens and Meyers defeated Evans Evans and Selover two out of three and lost two out of three to the DeHart brothers.

Evans and Selover defeated Gerland and Hoelzer three straight.

Evans and Junker defeated DeHart brothers two out of three, and also defeated Junker and Kohrherr three straight.

Mrs. Caroline Van Hise Dies at Newark.

Mrs. Caroline Van Hise, who sided in the borough up to a short time ago, passed away at the home of her sister, in Newark, yesterday morning.

More Personals.

Mrs. Charles Denhard and son have returned after a sojourn to New York. Paul Matzke is confined to his home with tonsilitis. He was unable to talk yesterday.

G. Geipel recently moved from the corner of Broad and Clay streets to the Kuhlthau apartments on Main street.

Jos. Cchorke is ill at his home in Fresh Ponds with the mumps.

The factory of the Michelin Tire Company was closed in part yesterday and to-day for the purpose of taking Inventory.

Monsieur Jacobs resumed his duties at the Michelin tire factory yesterday, after being confined to his, home for several days with the grip.

Mrs. James Townsend is ill at her home on School street. with pleurisy. A meeting of the old Board of Education will be held at the school Thurs- day evening. And on next Monday evening it is expected to hold another meeting when the organization of the new board will take place.

An informal dance will be held by members of the A. A. A. in Red Men’s Hall to-morrow evening.

Would Benefit by Sewers.

In many of the cellars of the homes in the neighborhood of Broad street, Clay street and Riva avenue, there has been as much as three or four feet of water, all of which no doubt will be easily overcome should the new sewer system be installed, and which no doubt will be a matter very seriously, considered, especially by the residents of this section.

A copy of the deed for the transfer of a property belonging to John Richter and wife, and located on the south side of Clay street, 155 feet north from Broad street, Milltown, has been filed in the County Record building, New Brunswick. The purchasers are Simon Fournier and wife.

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