This day in History: March 4, 1924

Location of MIlltown National Bank 1917 - 1924


Milltown. March 4, — Tonight between the hours of 5 o’clock and 10 o’clock people may expect a loud shrill gong. Fire Chief H. A. Christ advises that none should be alarmed as it will be only a test of the new fire siren. Which is here for a period of thirty days for a test. The siren was Installed yesterday and while the exact time of the test is not known, the chief wanted the people to be on the “inside” as he did not want any frightened especially those living In the district of the alarm. The siren has been installed at the disposal plant. It has not been definitely decided as to what arrangement will be made regarding the new alarm which will be installed this year, but if the test tonight of the siren proves what it is expected to, it will undoubtedly be the one adopted. Rapid progress is being made by the Eureka firemen to have everything in first class working order and a good alarm system has been lacking here for years.

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