This Day in History: March 4th, 1909

This Day in History: March 4th, 1909


The Public Service Corporation, it understood on good authority, will extend its gas mains to Milltown next Spring, and light the homes of that borough. Milltown already gets light from the PSC, though not in the same manner as do New Brunswick residents. The light is bought in bulk by the borough and sold by the municipal corporation.

It is now planned by the P. S. C. to deal directly with the Milltown people in the sale of gas. A lot of pipe as been distributed along the road to Milltown, which, it was thought, were to be used for gas mains here.

These men said today that as far as they as they know this was not the case, and that they had not heard of the gas extending mains going forward this early. It can be almost positively stated, however, that in 1910 Milltown gas will be burning.

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