This Day in History: May 16th, 1918

This Day in History: May 16th, 1918

Borough to Observe Memorial Day as President Suggested

MILLTOWN, May 16.-Exercises, consisting of community chorus singing, special solos, a patriotic address and other numbers, in which it is desired the town people will heartily participate, will be held on the evening of Memorial Day at the Michelin Park, in keeping with the spirit of President Wilson’s proclamation to observe the day with humiliation, I prayer and fasting.

This was decided on at a meeting of the Milltown Civic Celebration Committee, recently appointed by Mayor Christian Kuhlthau, held in the public school last evening. Mayor Kuhlthau presided and under organization J. H. Junker was elected secretary and H. R. B. Meyers, treasurer.

Last Memorial Day the exercises were held in the morning and were preceded by a street parade in which the various fraternal orders, Red Cross, Fire Department, Boy Scouts, etc., participated, but in view of the call of the President it was felt proper to simply have services appropriate to the occasion. The program will start at 7:00 p. m., so that the service will be completed before night falls. Holding the service in the evening will avoid confliction with any of the local churches that may de- sire to hold morning services in line with the President’s proclamation.

Some question arose as to the advisability of taking advantage of the open air facilities provided at the Michelin Park or using the public school, but it was finally decided to use the park as on former patriotic gatherings. Should it be stormy, however, the school will be used.

Speaker Secured.

A speaker’s committee consisting of J. H. Junker, chairman; Edward Emens, J. M. Crablel was appointed and Mr. Junker immediately used the telephone to get in touch with the Rev. Mr. E. H. Keator of the Reformed Church of Franklin Park, who consented to deliver the address of the evening. The committee is well pleas- ed with securing Rev. Keator for he Is a speaker of some note.

H. R. B. Meyers was appointed to arrange for a community chorus choir and to secure someone to same Mr. Meyers will also arrange for the music for the occasion.

It developed from the secretary’s report a balance of $29.82 remained over from last year. Added to this are donations of $25 by the Borough Council: $10 by Mayor Kuhlthau, and $5 from C. P. Stelle. Further contributions are solicited as the program will entail some little expense.

Councilman H. J. Schlosser was asked to make the introductory remarks for the speaker of the evening. The following committees were appointed:

Reception Committee-Mayor Kuhlthau, Henry Kuhlthau, H. J.

Schlosser Ushers Committee-Lester Snedeker, Albert Skewis, W. R. Evans, Charles Bauries, C. V. L. Booream.

Program Committee C. B. Crablel, Lester Snedeker, Henry Kuhlthau.

Everyone of the borough who desires to secure a Smileage book to send to some soldier can get same from Robert A. Phillips, of Booream avenue, who has charge of the sale of the books in Milltown. The cost par book is $1.00 and for the amount of pleasure it will give a soldier through the entertainments he will be able to enjoy in the Liberty Theatres. in camp, it is the best possible kind. of a gift.

Through arrangements with the Michelin A. A. the public school in conjunction with the club will conduct a moving picture show in the school next Monday night, May 20th. The school has enrolled 91 per cent. of its pupils as Junior Red Cross members and whatever profit is derived from the show, will be used to enroll the remaining nine per cent. 80 that there may be a total enrollment. of 100 per cent.

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