This Day in History: May 2nd, 1930

This Day in History: May 2nd, 1930


Property recently purchased by the New Jersey Bell Telephone Company in Milltown was acquired as a site for a new telephone central office building which will be needed in the near future to provide adequate telephone service to care for growth in Milltown. it was explained- ed today by Edgar J. Potter, manager for the Telephone Company.

The telephone company plans to erect a modern structure to house a new common battery switchboard which will replace the magneto-type board now in service in the present Milltown central office in teased quarters on Richter Avenue. Substantial residential and business growth of Milltown warrants the installation of this new type of service at an early date, Mr. Potter said.

The Telephone Company property has a frontage of seventy-five feet on Richter avenue and it runs back for about 122 feet on Clay street. The lot, which now is vacant, was purchased from Morris Le Bailly.

Telephone Company engineers are at work on detailed plans for the new building and for the large task of changing the location of telephone wire and cable which must be moved so that it can be centralized at the new location. The new building will be designed along lines similar to other attractive new central office buildings which the company is erecting in various parts of the state to take care of expansion.

Mr. Potter said that Milltown’s steady development during past years is evidence that the future will bring continued growth and that the Telephone Company, in planning this extensive expansion in Milltown, is following out a policy of anticipating coming needs in all parts of the state.

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