This Day in History: May 3rd, 1921

This Day in History: May 3rd, 1921


MILLTOWN, May 3-The Buster Brown shoe store, which in the past two years has given Milltown one of the best shoe centers in this locality, in celebrating its second anniversary this week and is enabling the boroughites to take part in it by announcing a tremendous cut In prices for this occasion on all merchandise.

Through the advertising columns of this paper tonight and the remainder of the week it will keep you in close touch with the many bargains to be had. Herewith is presented the anniversary message from the manager of the store:

To the Public:

The success our many customers have permitted this store to enjoy since its establishment two years ago, May 6, 1919, is due, we believe, to the consistent endeavor we have put forth to serve satisfactorily by supplying honest merchandise, courteous treatment and sincere efforts to please.
We take encouragement from the two preceding years and benefitting by our broadened knowledge of how we may better serve the people of Milltown and nearby points we set out on the New Year with that aim in view.
Our many friends we thank and, solicit the opportunity of continuing to serve them and we invite all others to become acquainted with our quality merchandise and the manner in which we serve.

(Signed) IRVING CRABIEL Manager.

Frankfurter Roast.

Mrs. James Herbert of this place proved a capable hostess at a frankfurter roast last evening given by her to the members of the Girls’ Crescent Club, their husbands and sweethearts. The “dogs” were roasted in the apple orchard adjoining the Herbert home which was decorated with Chinese lanterns and the light from the large fire which was used to roast the dogs” made a pleasant picture. The evening was whiled away in a very pleasant way in the playing of games.

Those present were Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hill, Mr. and Mrs. Willard Randolph, Mr. and Mrs. D. Servis, Mr. and Mrs. William Kuhlthau, Mr. and Mrs. William DeHart, Mr. and Mrs. Quackenbush, Mr. and Mrs. J. Snedeker, Mr. and Mrs. James Herbert, Mrs. A. P. Kuhlthau, Mrs. W. R. Evans. Miss Bertha Snediker and Mrs. H. J. Schlosser.

Realized $127.

The Ladies’ Aid Society and Dorcas Sewing Circle of the Reformed Church are gratified over the results of their gle of cakes, pies and aprons, hell last Friday in the church. The net proceeds were $127. The Girls’ Bible Class of this church will meet tonight at 7:45 o’clock in the lecture room of the church.

Miss Zenewich Engaged.

Mr. and Mrs. Peter Zenewich of 42 School street announce the engagement of their daughter Victoria to Parley F. Van Buskirk of New York. The marriage will take place some time this month.

To Attend Church.

The orders of Wickatonk Tribe and Red Feather Council will attend the Reformed Church Sunday evening in a body. All members are re- quested to attend and meet at Red Men’s Hall at 7 o’clock sharp

Served Fifteen Years.

Joseph A. Headley has just completed his third term, of fifteen years, as Justice of the Peace in this locality. After furnishing a bond of $2,000 from two responsible parties and after being accepted by Judge P. F. Daly and sworn in by County Clerk B. Gannon he starts on his fourth term.

The people of this vicinity can not appreciate too much the value of such an official as Mr. Headley for he has always been untiring in his efforts in serving people and very conscientious in the exercise of his duties, giving everybody a square deal.

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