This Day in History: November 17th, 1924

This Day in History: November 17th, 1924

Attack Made Upon John Sanchev Near Milltown Church

Three unmasked bandits held up John Sanchev, aged forty-two years, of 1164 Ohio Avenue, Trenton, in front of Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Church in Milltown, at 10:15 o’clock last night while he was on his way to board a Trenton Street Line trolley for his home. Before the bandits were able to carry out the robbery, they were frightened away by the cries of their victim. Sanchev was mercilessly beaten by the bandits who rained blows upon his face and body, and when he was found by William Huff and Howard DeHart, two young Milltown men, his face was badly battered.

Huff and DeHart went in pursuit of the bandits but they escaped, one taking to the fields and shaking off his pursuers and the other two boarding a westbound Trenton trolley car. Sanchev was taken to the office of Justice of the Peace Joseph A. Headley of Milltown where he told his story of the assault and attempted robbery. Sanchev had reached the church, which is but a short distance from the Trenton trolley junction, when three men came upon him from the rear and, without explanation, began striking him. He tried his best to ward off the blows but they came so fast and furious that he was soon overpowered. Sanchev, who rifled his clothes, called for help and DeHart and Huff came to his rescue. The highwaymen made a hasty retreat.

When brought before Justice Headley, Sanchev stated that he had been visiting at the home of Mrs. Catherine Plassia and that he was in search of employment in Milltown. He was returning to his home in Trenton when the assault took place. He stated that he had $10 in his wallet at the time of the holdup which the bandits overlooked in searching him.

The police of Milltown and the state police made an investigation soon after the robbery was reported but did not find any trace of the bandits. Edward Beecher and William Beecher, Milltown marshals, joined the state troopers in searching for the bandits. The Trenton police were also notified to watch the incoming trolleys, but the men probably alighted before reaching Trenton, as no trace of them was found on any of the trolleys reaching Trenton before midnight.

Sanchev stated he believed the holdup men to be Frenchmen. When they left him in his dazed condition, Sanchev stated that he heard one of the men address the other as “Tenoff.” Sanchev went back to the home of Mrs. Plassia after having his injuries treated, and this morning he left for his home. Sanchev is a married man.

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