This Day in History: October 11th, 1920

This Day in History: October 11th, 1920


MILLTOWN, Oct. 11 – If the enthusiasm manifested at the Chamber of Commerce meeting here on Saturday night is any indication, the borough is set to enjoy one of the most elaborate Hallowe’en celebrations it has ever seen, filled with whimsical and festive spirit. The committee, bolstered by representatives from several organizations, has decided to shift the celebration from Monday, November 1, to Saturday night, October 30.

Twenty-two organizations were represented at the meeting on Saturday night, where considerable business was transacted to prepare for the grotesque exhibition. The representatives were brimming with enthusiasm.

It was unanimously decided that a parade would be held through the main streets of the borough and conclude with a grand celebration in the auditorium of the new Michelin Community House, which will soon be dedicated to public functions.

A parade committee was appointed as follows: Aubrey Kuhlthau, chairman; Miles Kuhlthau, John Dorn, Jacob DeHart, John H. Lins, and P. Schlumber. The line of march was decided upon and will be as follows: Assemble at Ford Avenue and Main, march to Clay, across Clay to Riva Avenue, down Riva Avenue to Main, down Main across the bridge to Lincoln Avenue, counter-marching on Main to the Michelin Community House where the celebration will conclude with a big dance and other features, organized by an appointed entertainment committee.

Prizes – Participants Note:

A prize committee was selected with Fred Wagner being made chairman, and Theodore Spediker and John Christ selected as assistants. The committee was given the authority to select the necessary prizes and also announce how the prizes would be distributed. The committee promptly decided on this and organizations and individuals who expect to enter the parade in some elaborate or comical way are urged to note the various ways they may arrange themselves to compete for the prizes.

The parade is destined to have a freak representation in line and in order to give opportunity to the organizations who desire to arrange themselves in this fashion, the committee decided to award a prize to such a band of grotesque warriors, as well as to the pretty-looking companies. Individuals can also enter the parade and prizes will be awarded to them as well. Organizations are asked to note that in order to compete for the prizes, they do not necessarily have to have a float in line, but being represented will answer just as well.

Five prizes will be awarded, one only for each class, with 20 second prizes being awarded. The first class will be termed the most comical organization in line and regardless of how ridiculous they present themselves, or whether they ride or walk, the judges will select the winner.

The second class will be awarded to representatives who present the most appropriate resemblance of what they represent. In other words, the winner of this class will be selected from the organization whose originality is superior. It further means that this class will be the most recherché one, and organizations are asked to go all out.

The third class will be awarded to the most comical individual in line, and the one who can go to the extremes in a grotesque manner will be awarded the prize.

The fourth prize will go to the most beautiful individual, and some of Milltown’s popular young set who crave for the handsome things should try to win this prize.

The fifth prize will be awarded to the “most handsome” representative body: either walking or presenting a float will answer, and we dare say that some of the women’s organizations will find it a delight in working for this prize. To win this prize, you must present a most fascinating appearance for the judges.

All prizes will be of equal value; the only difference in terming them first, second, and so on is to designate the different classes to be represented. This is published now in order that the organizations may know what they must present in order to receive a prize.

A committee was appointed to secure competent and impartial judges, and the following were appointed: Mayor Christian Kuhlthau, Charles Snediker, and Miss Anna Hofer.

The following organizations were represented at the meeting, showing the enthusiasm that was manifested in the coming celebration: Red Men, Senior Mechanics, Junior Mechanics, Red Feather Pocahontas, Borough Council, Eureka Fire Company, Daughters of Liberty, Kranken Huelts Verein, Girls Crescent Club, Jelly Seven Girls Club, Chamber of Commerce, Haymakers, Orient Court, Public School, Catholic Social Club, Republican Club, French War Veterans, Parent-Teacher Association, L. C. S. Girls Society, American Legion, Michelin Band, and the Social Hour Club. J. M. Crabiel, first vice president of the Chamber of Commerce, presided over the meeting.

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