This Day in History: October 17th, 1914

Days of Mud Gov. Car


MILLTOWN, Oct. 17 – In addition to the heavy auto truck that got stuck in the mud on North Main street yesterday, a horse owned by Alfred Christ encountered a similar problem. This occurred when Mr. Christ’s driver tried to cross an area that had recently been opened for the installation of water pipes near School street. As he did, the animal sank into the ground, and it took significant effort for him to continue his journey.

The large truck, which was stuck in the trench near the Methodist Church yesterday morning, blocked traffic for about two hours. It was only after being towed out by a trolley car that the chauffeur could continue. The chauffeur, a colored man, mentioned he was headed for Helmetta. This was his first time passing through Milltown, and he was unaware of the current conditions. Red flags and lights have been placed throughout the borough wherever there’s potential danger.

Other Local Items:
Around a quarter to six last night, there was a long blast from the Michelin gong, startling firemen from all parts of the town. In less than two minutes, the fire apparatus, under the direction of Chauffeur C.W. Waddington, was en route to the Michelin plant, where they believed a fire had broken out. Upon arrival, however, the firemen and many concerned residents discovered that the whistle rope had gotten caught in some unexplained way, and the gong couldn’t be stopped until the steam ran out.

Services will be held at the Methodist Church tomorrow at the usual hours. A special meeting of the official board of the Methodist Church is scheduled for Monday evening. At the German Reformed Church, Rev. Wm. F. Barney will lead the services tomorrow as usual, preaching in German during the morning service and in English in the evening.

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