This Day in History: October 19th, 1907

This Day in History: October 19th, 1907


To the Editor of the Home News,

Dear Sir,

Recently, I’ve come across several articles in your esteemed publication discussing the potential name change of Milltown. Suggestions have ranged from renaming it “Mishelinville” to potential benefits of annexation to New Brunswick, emphasizing possible boosts in sales for the Michelin Tire Company.

I must voice my strong disagreement with both propositions.

Milltown’s name holds value and significance for many of us. I would wager to say that it remains satisfactory to every resident of our town, without exception. The establishment of the Michelin Tire Co. in our locality shouldn’t be seen as a prompt to rebrand our town’s identity. Their global recognition ensures that regardless of their location – be it Milltown, New Brunswick, New York City, or Chicago – the sales trajectory of their products would remain unaffected.

If and when the residents express discontent with our town’s name, then, perhaps, we can entertain talks of change. I hope you can provide a space for these sentiments in your publication, and I thank you in advance for considering this perspective.

Very truly yours,


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