This Day in History: October 20th, 1915

Official program - Woman suffrage

Borough Not in Favor of Votes Being Given to Women

MILLTOWN, Oct. 20 – Two hundred and forty-eight of a possible four hundred and fourteen voters cast their ballots in Milltown yesterday. They voiced their opinion against the suffrage amendment and the two other amendments to the Constitution of the State of New Jersey.

The results were as follows:

  • Suffrage Amendment: 166 no, 75 yes
  • Second Amendment: 85 yes, 139 no
  • Third Amendment: 71 yes, 150 no

There were also five rejected ballots.

In a separate incident, a bus from the New Brunswick Motor Company, driven by Chauffeur Nelsin, collided with a trolley car bound for South Amboy at 12:18 pm yesterday. The incident took place outside the Michelin Garage. Due to a street turn, the motorman couldn’t see the bus in time. Although the bus suffered minor damage with two tires bursting, both the motorman and chauffeur were left shaken.

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