This Day in History: October 23rd, 1918

This Day in History: October 23rd, 1918

Few New Cases of Influenza Develop; Help For Registrants

MILLTOWN, Oct. 23 – The number of new cases of influenza in the borough that has developed during the past several days shows a decrease. It was stated yesterday by a member of the Board of Health that if no increase took place and the State Board of Health lifted the ban on gatherings and permitted the saloons and ice cream parlors to reopen, it would likely be possible to also lift the ban in Milltown.

The report for Sunday and Monday showed 14 new influenza cases and 2 pneumonia cases, which indicated the epidemic in the borough was on the wane.

Help for Registrants

With the sending out of the questionnaires to the balance of the men by the draft boards, the need arises again for assistance in filling out the forms. No one has been delegated by the Legal Advisory Board of Middlesex County to attend to the work, but arrangements are underway to have assistants at the school house for the next week or ten days to help anyone desiring assistance with their questionnaire. There will be no one on hand tonight, but a notice will appear in this column when the assistants will be at the school. No charge is made for the assistance and neither is there any charge, as a rule, by the persons taking the required affidavits. In the past, the registrants desiring to pay for the help received have been given the suggestion a donation to the War Relief would be acceptable and in that way, the treasury of the War Relief has been helped. The money is used by the War Relief Committee to supply Milltown boys in the service with various articles.

Contributions are still being received by the War Relief, the latest being a donation of $5 from Fred W. DaVoe.

Former Milltown Resident Dies

The death of Thomas J. Collins, of Millville, Mass., a former resident of Milltown occurred on Monday, Oct. 21st. He will be buried on Thursday afternoon at Millville. In addition to his wife, the deceased is survived by seven children and a number of grandchildren, also three brothers, Horatio Collins in Vanderbilt Avenue, Milltown, and Hamlet and Robert Collins, of New Brunswick.

Mrs. Chris Dunn is now able to be about again after an attack of influenza. Mrs. J.J. Keller is convalescing from influenza. Miss Bertha Oehl spent Sunday at Summerhill, at the home of her sister, Mrs. R.J. Smith. Several members of the Eib family, of Fresh Ponds Road, are suffering from influenza. Harold Glines has recovered from an attack of pneumonia and is able to be around. Miss Mamie Schlachter is confined to her home with an attack of Spanish influenza.

The Lawrence Brook school will reopen on Monday, October 28. All pupils report for work.

ELECTION Day presents a glorious opportunity to better the living conditions of your children. Vote “YES” on the question of abolishing saloon licenses. Milltown No-License League. 021-41

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