This Day in History: October 28th, 1912

Presidential masquerade, 1776, 1880


MILLTOWN, Oct. 28 – A very enjoyable masquerade ball was given by the Red Men of Milltown at Parsons Grovel on Saturday night. About 150 people wearing masks were there, besides a large number of other people.

A prize of $2.50 was awarded to Christian Monahan, of Milltown, for being the most comically dressed man. Another prize of the same amount went to Mrs. Frank Hodapp, also of Milltown, for wearing the most handsome costume. She was dressed as the Goddess of Liberty.

Other attractive costumes were Red Riding Hoods, a bathing girl, a baby with a bottle, an Indian chief, a hayseed and his wife, two representatives of the fiery regions, and many others. At 10:30, the dancers unmasked. The affair continued to 12 o’clock.

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