This Day in History: October 2nd, 1905

This Day in History: October 2nd, 1905

MILLTOWN, Oct. 2 – Construction efforts on the Milltown bridge have been ongoing for roughly ten days. The former flooring of the wagon path has been dismantled in parts, with pilings being driven down by a conventional steam pile driver. Subsequently, large iron pipes, with a diameter of about 3 feet, are placed over them, which are then filled with concrete to form pillars that will support the new iron cross-stringers. The work is advancing briskly, albeit under very constrained conditions.

Local Community Updates

The L.C. S. Society convened last Friday evening at the residence of Miss Fannie Huestis to celebrate her birthday.

Fred Richter has inaugurated a dry goods store at the previous location of Roeder’s, with Mr. Aneckstein from Sayreville supplying the stock and guiding him in this venture.

Misses Mamie Gluck and Mary Oehl from Milltown, alongside Miss Mym Schlosser, are now attending the New Brunswick High School as part of the 1908 class.

Mr. and Mrs. William H. Voorhees of Main Street have returned from a three-week visit to her father’s place in Lancaster and her sister’s in York, PA. Prof. J.T.D. Heineken has been re-elected as the president of the East Brunswick Teacher’s Professional Reading Circle, with Miss Anna Pilt as vice president, Miss Lizzie S. Henderson as treasurer, and Roy P. Stillwell as secretary. The circle, consisting of thirteen members, will have their next gathering on Saturday, October 21, at 9:30 a.m., at Summer Hill, No. 6.

Educational Meet

The teaching staff of Sayreville assembled last Friday afternoon at School No. 2, where Jesse Selover was elected as president, Jos Headley, B.S., as vice president, and Miss Henrietta Straub as both secretary and treasurer. Plans for a fruitful and enjoyable professional reading year were discussed. Mr. Selover shared insights on President Roosevelt’s participation in the National Teachers Association convention at Asbury Park during the summer.

Church Announcements

Rev. J.E. Shaw will administer holy communion at the Methodist Church come Sabbath morning, with an engaging sermon planned for the evening.

Rev. William T. Barney returned on Wednesday evening from the Synod of the German Reformed Church held in Baltimore, MD this year. Elder George Kuhlthau accompanied him, and they both explored Washington’s sights, given the proximity. Rev. Mr. Barney delivered sermons in his church yesterday morning and evening and is planning to conduct a German class every Saturday for those interested in learning to read and speak the language under scholarly guidance.

Town Personnel

John has been assigned as the Inspector for the new towers on our M01- Board of James Townsend, who is the night watchman now.

Unfortunate Incident

Mabel Fahrenholts, the three-year-old child of Henry Fahrenholtz residing on Riva Avenue, encountered a hornet’s nest last Saturday morning and suffered severe stings. Dr. F Riva was summoned to attend to the young child.

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