This Day in History: October 3rd, 1914

This Day in History: October 3rd, 1914

John Fine and Son Thrown From a Motorcycle

Aged Father of Mrs. Voorhees Van Arsdale Meets With Unfortunate Mishap, Returning from the Trenton Fair at Night.

MILLTOWN, Oct. 3 – About eleven o’clock Thursday evening Mrs. Voorhees Van Arsdale, of this place, was aroused from her slumbers when an automobile, owned by a Hightstown doctor, drove up to her house on South Main Street, Milltown, carrying in the machine her aged father, who has passed his 74th year, and her brother, Harvey Fine with whom he had been at the Trenton Fair, both being injured from a mishap that occurred in Hightstown, and causing father and son to be thrown from the motorcycle upon which they were riding, and quite severely cutting and bruising the older gentleman, the junior member of the party escaped with a sprained foot and thumb. Mr. Fine, Sr., was cut about the legs and head, and will undoubtedly be laid up for a while.

John Fine and his son Harvey, had journeyed from South River to the fairgrounds on Harvey’s motorcycle in about fifty minutes, and upon their arrival there he was greeted by the Governor and due to his advanced years, was asked to give an exhibition in motorcycle riding, but refused. Everything went along fine, and a joyous time was had at the fair, and on their way home everything was going smoothly when they came to a wagon that was bound in the same direction they were going. The driver of the cycle blew his horn, but the man in the wagon kept crowding to the wrong side of the street. Fine slowed down and was holding close to the ditch, but as he attempted to turn back in the road he struck a sandy spot, the machine skidded and the pair, father and son, were thrown to the ground side by side. Harvey, however, had his foot caught under the machine, causing a sprain, while his father was thrown clear, but struck his limbs in some way as to cause several gashes and bruises. He was also cut about the face.

An automobile happened along at the same time and hurried the injured men to a Hightstown doctor, who, after giving them attention, kindly brought them to Milltown. Mr. Fine, Sr., remained there until last evening, and then was taken to his home in South River. Harvey lives with his sister, Mrs. Van Arsdale, here in the borough, and is nursing his several sprains and bruises.

Other Milltown News:

Mayor William Kuhithau, Jr., presided over the adjourned meeting of the Borough Council which was held last evening. The following councilmen answered the roll call by Clerk R. A. Harkins: Charles Bauries, Henry Kuhlthau, Albert Skewis, W. R. Evans, and C. H. Crenning.

Representatives of the Public Service Electric Company, of New Brunswick, met with the Borough Fathers last evening. After carefully going over the proposition of furnishing the borough with electric energy for the electric light system, pumping of sewage and water, they named an attractive figure and were awarded the contract.

The council has under consideration the purchase of several lengths of hose and couplings for emergency use. This matter was left in the hands of the fire committee.

The regular meeting of Borough Council will be held next Thursday.

Successful Entertainment:

There were about a hundred attendees at the entertainment given in the Methodist Church last evening by Keith Cherry, of Philadelphia, titled “The World From The Sidewalk.” Cherry made a hit with the audience, presenting many interesting and comical impersonations. About $18 was realized on the affair.

Renovating Red Men’s Hall: The local Red Men are painting and papering their lodge room, which will no doubt make an attractive appearance when completed. A. Doty is doing the work.

The Michelin basketball team will play the Tottenville A.C., at Columbia Hall this evening. The Michelin Juniors will meet the Crescent Five, of Perth Amboy in a preliminary contest.

At the Churches:

At the Methodist Church tomorrow morning, Rev. L.L. Hand will occupy the pulpit and will deliver a sermon on Christian Education, the theme of which is “The Text Book Used for Christian Education.” A class of probationers will also be taken in at the service, and any that have not already been baptized. A number are also expected to be received by letter at this service. Rev. Hand will also offer a special prayer for peace, in accordance with the proclamation of the President. Sunday school will be held in the afternoon at the usual hour, and a missionary collection will be taken. In the evening, the Rev. Hand will deliver the first of a series of Sunday evening sermons on the great men of the Bible, the theme of tomorrow’s sermon being, “David – the Greatness of a Devout Mind.”

The devotional services of the Epworth League will be held prior to the regular evening service at the Methodist Church tomorrow night, under the leadership of Miss Anna Hoffer. Subject, “A Song of Companionships.”

At the German Reformed: Sunday school will commence at 9 instead of 9:30 o’clock, at the German Reformed Church tomorrow morning. Preparatory service will be held at 10 o’clock, and regular service at 10:30. Communion service will be held in the morning following the regular service. The pastor will deliver a sermon asking for the restoration of peace in Europe in accordance with the proclamation of the President. Young People’s Society meets at 7 p.m. Regular evening service at 7:30.


Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hodapp attended the Trenton Fair yesterday. Miss Stella Booraem was a Trenton Fair visitor yesterday. Mrs. Alvah Peterson, of South River, visited with relatives in the borough yesterday.

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