This Day in History: October 5th, 1905

This Day in History: October 5th, 1905

MILLTOWN, Oct. 8-It appears from good sources that the freight line which has been planned out to run beside the Trenton trolley to Milltown and so on to Elizabeth and Jersey City will cut across between Dennis Vanderbilt’s house and the Misses Vanderbilt’s. Mr. Vanderbilt will sell a strip through his place, and Mrs. Martha Booraem will not sell. This move will avoid a sharp curve and enable them better to meet the portion of the road now being made at Elizabeth.

Mrs. John Kuhlthau is improving from a spell of sickness.

For Milltown Councilmen the Democrats are running Messrs. Bright, Cantor and Barthold Christ, while the Republicans nominated Henry Dorn, Henry Lins and Nicholas Christ. Vote for the ablest men to manage our borough affairs.

A. W. Bullock has gone to Denver, Colorado, in the interest of the Rockland Engine Co., of New York City. He goes to install an oil system in the Government mint in Denver.

Edward Bingle, of John street, was very pleasantly surprised the other day with the present of a little daughter. All are doing well.

George Buhl, of Main street, was out for a spin on his motor cycle when he came up with a crippled automobile at Dayton. Two other strange motor cycles had stopped, and the three started out to tow the auto from Dayton to Hightstown. The trip of nine miles they did in 4 minutes, and they received lunch and a fine lunch besides. This novel trio was an object of curiosity all along the line.

Rev. J. E Shaw has started in now upon his second year’s work at the Reformed Seminary at New Brunswick. We would that there were more desiring better methods of spreading the gospel and of looking deeper into His word.

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