This Day in History: October 8th, 1918

This Day in History: October 8th, 1918


MILLTOWN, Oct. – The Board of Health last night decided, during the epidemic of influenza and pneumonia, to close all places where people congregate in the borough. The regulations went into effect this morning and, until the ban is lifted, all saloons, soda fountains, schools, churches, Sunday schools, lodge rooms, and clubs are closed. Last week there were only six cases of Influenza in town, and there are now at least 35 or 40.

An officer went through the town this morning, instructing all parents to keep their children in their respective yards. No congregation of children will be permitted. Public funerals, where the deceased died from influenza or pneumonia, are also forbidden.

Quarantine will not be placed on houses wherein there are influenza sick, but the patient will be quarantined. It is explained that the danger of contagion exists in personal contact.

Death of Fred Andrews

The death of Fred Andrews early Monday morning at the Middlesex General Hospital brought to a close a long struggle against disease. The deceased was born in Milltown but spent eight or nine years of his life in Colorado, seeking after health. The deceased was a member of Charles Walters Council No. 178.

War Relief Contributors

MILLTOWN, Oct. 3 – The following names are those of the Milltown War Relief contributors:

Daughters of Liberty, Chas. Heffner, Mr. Hanson, G. Gill, J. F. Leach, Chas Denhart, W. Hamon, Mr. Rider, J. Diehl, M. H. Geer, J. A. Selover, R. Cleland, Enos Huff, F. Rudnitzky, H. B. DeHart, Charles Fraser, B. Gil, M. Bailly, L. Porch, R. Patterson, L. Martinet, A. Souza, F. W. Pardun, H. Lins, A. Sheppard, C. Crabiel, J. Okerson, E. F. Sayre, C. Beecher, I. Mayenson, R. Manden, F. Miller, E. Elb, J. J. O’Connell, J. Holzer, M. Schneider, J. Melrose, Charles Schmidt, W. Bormet, H. Baler, J. Malleol, A. Gill, Mrs. M. Green, P. Cercy, J. Jacquemot, Mrs. J. Green, Y. Nelson, G. H. Walters, W. Crenning, A. Maxwell, W. Wallenbrock, B. Hortwiowich, H. Anderson, Y. LeRau, M. Wetzstein, C. Bruns, J. Doerr, Max Maserek, William Prill, Charles Lins, Robert Harkins, Rh Vilet, Borough Council, Boy Scouts, Rescue Council, Desire Bardon, Reformed Church Bible Class, Questionnaires, John Doerr.

Liberty Loan Campaign Lags

The Liberty Loan campaign in Milltown is beginning to lose its edge. Since the first three days, which witnessed a subscription total of $22,000, very few subscriptions have been turned in. While undoubtedly a number of the captains have reports to make, the quota of $39,000 is sufficiently far off to cause a little worry and force the realization that greater efforts must be made if Milltown is to do its share in the loan that has the earmarks of a victory loan. The captains and general committee will meet tomorrow night at the bank to make reports as to their territories. Captains that have not yet completed the canvass of their districts are urged to finish so that complete reports can be made on Tuesday night. The little blue button with the four bars means much these days. Get on the bandwagon and give Uncle Sam the money he needs and wear a button.

Milltown Fortunate Amidst Morgan Disaster

Milltown was exceedingly fortunate on Saturday, for while the Morgan disaster did damage many miles further away from the scene of the explosions than Milltown is located, practically no damage at all was done here. So far as is known, only one pane of glass was cracked, that being in the home of Mr. John Applegate on Main Street. The 10:30 o’clock warning to prepare for a greater explosion than any previous one caused great excitement. In a short while, windows all over town were up and stove fires put out. With valuables in hand, people waited on porches or congregated in the middle of the streets. It was not until late in the afternoon that things became normal.

Both fire engines were ready to take care of any fires that broke out. The Michelin Tire Co. sent all their employees home at 10:30 in the morning.

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