This Day in history: October 9th, 1907

This Day in history: October 9th, 1907


The plant of the Milltown Enamel Works, located along the Raritan River Railroad, was sold by Sheriff Church this afternoon to John Whitehead, of South River, who had a claim against the place for $3,000. The sale was at the suit of George A. Van Wagenen, and the decree and costs amounted to $7,069.34.

Some additional History about The Milltown Enamel Works

The Milltown Enamel Works, later known as The Milltown Enamel Brick Company, was a notable entity in the early 20th-century brick manufacturing industry in Milltown, New Jersey. Initially incorporated as the Buckhart and Auer Company in 1900, it underwent a name change in 1901 and became a significant operation, producing specialized enameled, fire, and front bricks, but not common bricks. The company, which was listed as one of the top three industries in Milltown in 1901, even supplied the U.S. Navy in New York. In 1906, it partnered with the Harper Brick Company of Kinkora, N.J., but eventually ceased operations by 1911. Subsequently, the Milltown Terra Cotta & Fire Brick Co. was founded in 1909, rebuilt the old brick plant, and operated for a few more years before dissolving by 1913.

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