This Day in History: September, 10th 1909

This Day in History: September, 10th 1909


Richter Bros. Will Give Deeds for Two Thoroughfares-Licenses for Peddlers Discussed Again.

MILLTOWN, Sept. 10.-The regular meeting of the Borough Council was held last evening.

Bills were presented by Henry Odell Amos Brown, Charles Hartlander, John Patterson, Joseph Rupprecht, George Aney, John Deiner, David Nevius, George Line William DeHart, Frederick Schneider, Public Service. S. R. Whitehead, John F. Kerwin. These bills were order- ed paid.

As there were no objections presented by the property owners of Ford avenue, an ordinance was adopted for the grading of Ford avenue from the westerly line of Main street to a point three hundred feet from the westerly line of Clay street.

A certificate from the borough engineer, stating the amount of work done by the Kerwin Co. in the curbing and laying of gutters on South Main street, was read and placed on file.

The finance committee reported a balance in the treasury of $1.492.92.

The total cost of the work done by the borough in South Main street was figured at $2,218.42. A resolution was passed for the clerk to post notices for a meeting of the street commissioners to be held on Sept 27, for the assessing of the property owners along said thoroughfare.

The license question was next brought up. Mayor Perry stated that many of the out of town tradesmen had paid their licenses and that others had promised to pay in the near future. A fish dealer from South Amboy had refused to pay his license, saying that he had caught the fish himself. Mayor Perry rather puzzled. and asked the advice of the attorney. Mr. Weigel said that he would look up the matter. Mayor Perry stated that the Richter brothers had some streets that they wished to present to the borough. Clay street in particular would be of great value to the borough, as it would serve as a thoroughfare should Main street be torn up. Richter avenue was another street that is in fine condition, and the Council made a motion that the Richter. brothers be asked to present the deeds for these two streets to the borough.

Cottage avenue was next considered. Christian Crabiel spoke of the desire of the property owners to have the street opened and to have the use of the borough lights.

One of the councilmen then took the floor and said that he thought the borough would gladly accept the street if it, was in as good a condition as Richter avenue.

Mayor Perry advised that the property owners and the council get together and decide on a plan to improve the street. The meeting was then adjourned.


Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Matlack and Miss Isabel Matlack have returned from Lowell, Mass., where they have been attending the automobile races.

J. Ryan is spending his two weeks vacation at Atlantic City and Philadelphia. Edward Beecher has entered the employ of Conrad Kuhlthau.

Charles Heffner, of Church street, is improving his home by laying a concrete sidewalk along its front, John Andrews, of Riva avenue, has purchased a large lot on Booraem avenue and will erect upon it a large house in the near future.

A few of our town people attended the AL. E. Sunday School Convention at Sayreville yesterday.

The Misses Charlotte and Anna Miller, of South Amboy, are visitors in the borough today.

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