This Day in History: September 20th, 1909

This Day in History: September 20th, 1909


Couple Charged With Robbing Milltown Man, Located at Perth Amboy and Confess Their Crime

MILLTOWN, Sept. 30 – The details surrounding the robbery of Frank Le Roy, a resident of Washington Avenue and an employee at the Michelin Tire Company, have been disclosed. On Friday, Mr. Le Roy visited South River, withdrawing $102 from a bank there around 11 o’clock in the morning. That evening, with the money still in his possession, he stopped at Sayer’s Hotel before proceeding home along Washington Avenue.

Approximately thirty minutes later, he returned to the hotel, bleeding profusely from his nose and mouth. Since Mr. Le Roy does not speak English, an interpreter was brought in to help him communicate what had transpired. He reported that he had been assaulted, held up, and robbed by two individuals he had noticed earlier in the hotel.

Constable A. Neldlinger was immediately assigned to track down the suspects. The constable followed their trail first to South Amboy and then on to Perth Amboy, where he involved the local police in the search. By Saturday afternoon, authorities had apprehended and detained the two men in question.

The suspects, identifying themselves as Henderson and Nelson, confessed to the crime promptly upon arrest. They also stated that they were both employed by the P. & C. Company. While they did confess to the crime, it remains unclear whether all of the stolen money was recovered.

Rumors have circulated suggesting the involvement of a third individual in the incident; however, this information has yet to be confirmed. The investigation is ongoing as officials work to verify the details provided and explore the potential participation of a third party in the criminal act.

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