This Day in History: September 30th, 1907

This Day in History: September 30th, 1907

Another Building Going Up – Etienne Neens Organizing Staff of Chemists.

The Michelin Tire Works of Milltown, which recently finished Building No. 8, is about to erect another building with double the capacity of the previous one. For now, the office is temporarily located in Building No. 2, but it will soon move to the building at the corner of Ford and Main streets. The repair department, under the supervision of S. B. Hughes, will install all the special machinery required.

The old offices are now occupied by the chemists and foremen of the different departments. Etienne Neens, twenty-four years of age and a graduate of the National School of Chemistry of France, is in charge of the experiments and is organizing the staff of chemists.

The Fiat car that won the twenty-four-hour race at Morris Park on Saturday was equipped with Michelin tires, as was the Renault car that won a race a couple of weeks ago. This speaks well for the durability of the Michelin tires.

Milltown is experiencing a significant increase in building operations, undoubtedly due to the advancements made by the aforementioned company. Five new houses have recently been completed, and seven more are set to commence soon.

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