THURSDAY, DEC. 23, 1909 – R.K. Munkittrick – The Iron Reindeer

THURSDAY, DEC. 23, 1909 – R.K. Munkittrick – The Iron Reindeer

 I’M up to date, and, be it said,

I certainly this year

Shall break and burn the ancient


And cook the ancient deer.

Those things are out of date for me;

They’re now a shattered dream.

Oh, I’m as happy as can be

 About my brand new scheme.

FULL soon across the boundless


Beneath the Christmas stars,

I’m going to travel on my train

Made up of baggage cars,

And they’ll be simply stuffed with


And other precious things

For little girls and little boys

For whom I spread my wings.

OH, yes, in jigtime, down the track

I’ll gayly glide along,

From home across the land and back

To fill all hearts with song.

And to my agent at each town

I’ll toss a bundle great

Each artless child with joy to crown

An’ make its heart elate.

I’LL run along on schedule time,

Through wind swept drifts of


My bell shall be the Christmas chime

That sets all hearts aglow.

And I shall call, and not in vain,

While stockingward I head

My mile a minute flying train,

“The Christmas Limited.”

THE train’s made up. Already I

Am getting up the steam,

While piling in the cars sky high

The gifts of which you dream.

With joy I stand upon my head

And shout both far and near,

“Goodby unto the ancient sled-

 All hail the iron deer!”

-R. K. Munkittrick in Success.

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