Today in History: March 10th 1925

Today in History: March 10th 1925


The Daily Times: New Brunswick, N.J. Tuesday March 10th 1925

Milltown’s supervising principal’s report, read to the Board of Education on Thursday night at their monthly session, indicated that the enrollment in the school during the month of February had broken all previous records with the new figure of 587. The previous high water mark was 575, established in October of the present term. The enrollment increase in February is caused by the new classes of kindergarter children that are opened in midterm. The growth of the school is causing the members of the board considerable anxiety. At their session on Thursday, they had to consider their next move in the room proposition. Professor Mensch will give the board members at their June meeting a report of conditions he sees them at that time, and a rough sketch of what will be required for the youngsters in the fall. There seems no way to dodge the issue and it will either be a case of building an annex to the present twenty-room structure, or building, as contemplated, a temporary building of portable design that can be converted into cash when they want to dispose of it. With 587 pupils on hand now, only a small graduating class going out in June, and several youngsters coming in in September, the situation for space will be acute. The present graduating class is the smallest in years and will be the smallest in years to come.

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