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  • This Day in History: August 9th, 1916
    Joseph Auer, 15 years of age, of this place was arranged before Justice of the Peace Joseph Headley last night…
  • This Day in History: July 21st, 1918
    This tribute of Milltown to her departed soldiers is one that cannot help but appeal to everyone as being a fine expression of the sentiments of the “home folks.” It is an act that will be appreciated and remembered by these men who have offered their all to their country. The sign seems to say, just as plainly as if the words were written on it in huge letters: “These are men from Milltown who have gone to fight for us; we are proud of them and are standing back of them to the limit.”
  • This Day in History: July 14th, 1919
    The French Independence Day parade and celebration will take place promptly at 7 o’clock, and it is the desire of the committee to have a large representation of Milltown citizens In line two or three local organizations will march in a body, but the citizens at large are cordially invited to be on hand and to parade.
  • This day in History: March 4, 1924
    The hours of 5 o’clock and 10 o’clock people may expect a loud shrill gong.
  • This day in History: Feb. 17, 1916
    The Interesting History of The Pneumatic Tire, Which Dates Way Back to 1845 (By R. B. Bramwell.) In reply to the request of the Home News the writer takes pleasure In writing an authoritative sketch of the pneumatic tire, going away back to 1846 when the pneumatic principle was first adapted experimentally to the wheels
  • This day in History: Feb. 12, 1924
  • This day in History: Jan. 6 1922
    Milltown Memorial Fund Soon— MILLTOWN, Jan.6. A meeting of the memorial committee, was held Wednesday evening at the Public, School, at which time further plans were developed for the memorial fund drive which is scheduled to begin the week of January 16. Those whose efforts have brought the movement to the point where it now