This Day in History: November 14th, 1907

This Day in History: November 14th, 1907

MILLTOWN, Nov. 14 – Mrs. Ralph Hanman, who has been ill at her home on Ford Avenue, is again able to be out. Mr. and Mrs. Lejoye, of Main Street, are visiting friends in Hartford, Conn. Mrs. Joseph King, who has been residing in New York for some time, is visiting her father, Adam Christ, of Boocsem Avenue. Mr. and Mrs. King are planning to go to Canada, where Mr. King will be employed. Alvin Nevires, Edward Hodapp, and Charles Wagner, who have been employed in Trenton, have resigned their positions there and will again make their home in the borough.

George Miller, of Church Street, is confined to his home due to illness.

LC.S. will meet at the home of Miss Anna Hoffer on Thursday evening. A number of the members of the D. of I. from our town attended the union meeting held at South River on Monday evening.

Mrs. Irving Van Sickle, of New Brunswick, spent some time with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Adams, of Ford Avenue, this week.

Mrs. William Warner, who has been seriously ill at the home of her father, John Kuhithan, is slowly improving. Benjamin McCauley, who has been employed out of town, has accepted a position with the Michelin Tire Company.

Henry Lins, who recently sold his butcher business to Martin Miller, has purchased a farm at Dunham’s Corner, formerly owned by Mr. Cuttrell, and is planning to move there.

The Milltown Kranken Huelfa Verein opened their fair Monday evening with a parade led by the fire and drum corps. It will continue every evening this week.


It is the New Hotel Recently Constructed by Elmer F. Sayre

MILLTOWN, Nov. 14 – Probably one of the finest and most up-to-date hotels in this vicinity is the “Marguerite,” owned by Elmer F. Sayre, which was recently constructed at the corner of Washington and Main Streets in the borough.

The hotel is of a Colonial design and is named “The Marguerite,” in honor of Mrs. Sayre. It is a frame structure, two and three-quarter stories high, with dimensions of 30×70 feet. The first floor contains the bar room, restaurant, kitchen, pantries, and a dumbwaiter. On the second floor is the parlor, bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a hallway connecting to a balcony over the veranda. Above this story are six bedrooms and bathrooms.

Hardwood floors have been laid throughout the house. A pneumatic water supply system has been installed, providing sufficient pressure to carry water to the uppermost floor in case of fire. The average pressure maintained is forty pounds, though it can be raised to fifty pounds if necessary.

The lot dimensions where the hotel stands are 60×250 feet. An ice house and stables will be erected there shortly.

The construction cost was approximately $9,900. It has all modern conveniences, and there is no doubt that the owner will meet with success. Mr. Sayre came to Milltown about six years ago and located on Washington Street, just below the power houses. The rates at the hotel will be within the scope of those who desire quality services.

The plans for the hotel were prepared by George K. Parsell, the architect of this city.