This Day in History: April 28 1920

person dropping paper on box


MILLTOWN, Apr. 28 The proposal for annexation of a portion of North Brunswick Township by the Borough of Milltown was defeated in a special election held here yesterday.

There was a total of 122 votes cast for annexation and 183 votes against the proposition. The majority against was 61. The first voting precinct, which is in South Milltown, registered 17 votes for and 89 against annexation, while the second voting precinct, located in North Milltown, which section is adjacent to the territory which it was proposed to annex, gave 105 votes in favor and 94 votes against annexation. The annexation proposal was fought largely on the contention that it would mean increased taxation. It was the first big project backed by the Milltown Chamber of Commerce, the leaders of which worked energetically to secure Its adoption. This evening will witness the first annual banquet of the Chamber of Commerce, to be held in Red Men’s Hall, at 6.30 o’clock. A fine program has been arranged, and the principal speaker will be Adrain Lvon of Perth Amboy.