This Day in History: August 11th 1916

This Day in History: August 11th 1916

Sewer Contract Goes to Brunswick Firm

MILLTOWN, Aug. 11. There being but one bid for the sewer and water extension out Riva avenue, in order that the new Michelin houses might be connected the contract was awarded to the Utility Construction Company, of New Brunswick, at the meeting of Borough Council last night The successful bidders gave bonds in the amount of $8.400 for the faithful performance of their duties. The contract specified that but one payment shall be made at the completion and acceptance of the work.

Utility Man Resigns.

The resignation of Henry Rathcamp, who has served the borough as utility man for the past several years, was received at the council meeting last night, and in accordance with action taken, an advertisement for man to take his place appears in today’s issue of the Home News.

The matter of procuring oil for the purpose of settling the dust along the main street of the borough was again discussed and the street committee was directed to procure some kind of a substance as soon as possible. Chairman Kuthlthau, of the street committee reported that he had investigated the matter of combination road binder and dust layer produced by the Robbinson Process Co. Whether this or crude oil will be procured was left in the hands of the committee to decide.

Poor Sidewalk

A washout in the sidewalk of O. Lindstrom. of North Main Street, which caused a young lady to fall down recently, was reported to council, and the clerk was authorized to notify the owner to have same repaired.

Councilman Skewis, chairman of the police committee, reported that he had been requested by the Board of Health to put a special officer on the streets to see that the resolutions of the health committee are carried out in so far as prohibiting children under sixteen years from entering or leaving the town, to keep children at home and to perform such other duties as the Board of Health will require of them. It is proposed to have the special officer to board the trolley cars as they enter the town and make a search for children under the age limit and prevent them from alighting in the town.

The matter of daily visits in the borough by New York and Brooklyn children who are stopping near Patrick’s Corner, was reported. The matter will be taken care of by the special officer, who will be on the job this week.

The finance committee was authorized to purchase sixty-five meters still due on contract with the Pittsburgh Meter Co., together with 25 one-inch curb cocks and six frost bottoms for meters.

The application for plumbers’. scene and bond of Theodore Bluming, which was laid on the table some time ago, was taken up and refused, on the grounds that Mr. Bluming had no established place of business. Mr. Bluming desired to do some work in his own home at present and expected to start his business later on. The outside work has been completed by regularly licensed plumber, and the refusal of the application will not hinder him from doing the inside work in his own home, but it must be inspected by a licensed plumber of the borough.

A bond of the Michelin Tire Company for plumbing licenses was approved.

The clerk was Authorized to deliver to the engineer in charge of the new sewer and water construction work the bid of the Utility Construction Co. with the understanding the same would be returned for filing at the completion of the work

The finance committee was empowered to purchase an air compressor for the engine for use in connection with the sewer station at a cost of not more than $225.

The clerk was authorized to send a bill to the Pubic Service Railway Co., for $3,00, for water taken from a local hydrant to fill their tank car, and also to notify the Public Service that such practice will not be tolerated unless permission is granted by council.

This day in History Jan. 24 1924

This day in History Jan. 24 1924

The Daily Times: New Brunswick, N.J. Tuesday January 24 1924


Milltown, Jan. 29—The borough budget occupied the careful attention of council last night and at a late hour, the complete tabulations were nut available as two Items had not been definitely settled upon. However, the entire budget will be ready for publication tomorrow as the remaining Items will be added to the list today as soon as exact figures will be ascertained to cover these accounts for the ensuing year. The 1924 budget will be slightly higher than last year, this being caused by an appropriation for a new fire house In North Milltown for the hose company. According to the figures available last night the new home for the firemen, which will also probably carry an office for the borough recorder as well as a lockup, will cost about $8,500. Part of this amount will be taken care of by a cash Item, while the remaining amount will be covered by the Issuing of a bond. The councilmen have tried to hold down the budget as low as possible and the proposed Fire house, which was discussed last year, is considered absolutely necessary. The 1923 budget called for $17,891.25 to be raised by general taxation, while the new one now in process will probably run around the $24, 000 mark, or $7,000 higher. The anticipated revenue for this year amounts to about $21,000. The school budget, which was drawn up last week, called for an Increase, so with the one from the borough coming, it will mean a slight jump in taxes for the coming year. In the borough budget the public library will come in for an Increase in donations when the council will set aside a figure of $160 for this worthy cause as against $100 for last year.