This Day in History: March 20th, 1903

This Day in History: March 20th, 1903

Well Known Milltown Man Passes Away-Other Milltown News.

MILLTOWN, March 20- A. Freeman Ayres, aged 55 years, who for a number of years was a citizen of this place, died at his late residence on Main street, about 4:30 yesterday afternoon. He was a sufferer for a number of months of a complication of diseases. A daughter, Miss Lillie Ayres, survives him, also an aged mother, Mrs. Rachel Ayres, two sisters, Mis. William Crenning and Mrs. John Wines, and four grandchildren. The funeral will take place at his late residence on Main street, Sunday afternoon at 2:30.

The interment will be in Van Liew Cemetery.


Thomas Lloyd, who was confined to his home with grip, is able to be about again.

Alvin Nevins is suffering with a swollen hand as the result of being bitten. by a dog last week.

Lenten services were held in the German Lutheran Church last evening. The meeting was well attended.

Philip Bourdeau, who occupied the Red Men’s house, on Main street, has vacated it and gone to his former home Newton Falls, Mass.

A social gathering was held at the home of Miss Mary Klein last evening.

Wickatonk Tribe, No. 135, Imp. Order of Red Med, will meet at their rooms on Ford avenue, this evening.

The marble works of ex-Mayor Rappleyea is in a very prosperous condition. He has recently placed a number of headstones in South River.

Mrs. George Detzler and daughter have returned after a very pleasant visit at Camden.

This Day in History: Feb. 9 1911

This Day in History: Feb. 9 1911



A suit involving the lettering of a tombstone was tried before Judge Hicks in the District Court ‘this morning. The action was brought by Stafford Rappleyea, of Milltown, to recover a balance of $100 due on a headstone he had erected in  the cemetery at Spottswod by orders of Mrs. August Marie Bloose, of that place. John A. Coan represented Mr. Rappleyea, while Freeman Woodbridge appeared for the defendant.

The defense was to the effect that the plaintiff, who keeps a marble Yard at Milltown, had failed to Obey Instructions given him concerning the lettering of the stone, which had been erected by Mrs. Bloose in memory of her late husband. Mrs. Bloose testified that her husband had been very proud of the fact he was of German nationality and she thought it would please him to have the stone lettered with the German spelling oh his name. She accordingly told Mr. Rappleyea according to her story on the stand, this morning, to spell the name Bloose, with dots over the letter O, in each instance. If he couldn’t arrange to put the dots over these letters, Mr. Rappleyea was to give the name the English spelling, thus, Blousek. After the stone was set up, Mrs. Bloose said Mr. Rappleyea visited her at her store In Spottswood, and told her had lettered the stone Bloose. “When I found he had put the letter u in my husband’s name, I just gave one screech, and held on to the counter,” declared the witness. Later, she said, she paid $75 on Mr. Rappleyea’s account and promised to pay him the balance of $100 within a few months, providing he would change the spelling of the name. This he has failed to do and Mrs. Bloose thought this absolved her from settling.  

Mr. Rappleyea swore that the stone was lettered according to the instructions given him, and was supported in this story by several witnesses. He was given judgement for the full amount of his claim.


The borough of Milltown has another new Industry, the Gravity Condenser Company, located at Ryder’s Lane, with Gerhard L Reimer as agent. The company has been formed for the purpose of building and constructing steam, gas and other condensers. The authorized capital stock is $100,000, divided into $100 shares. The Company begins business with $2,000.

The incorporators are Gerhard Reimer, Milltown, 9 shares: Mathaide Reimer, Milltown, 1 share: Frederick A. Sondheimer, New York, 9 Shares: and Grace L. Sondheimer, New York, 1 Share