This Day in History: January 25, 1913

This Day in History: January 25, 1913


Special Meeting of Borough Council to Discuss Street Conditions-Want Street Commissioner-Engineer Schneider Wants Assessor’s Map.

MILLTOWN, Jan. 25.-A special meeting of the Borough Council was held in Borough Hall Thursday evening, Mayor Conrad Richter, Clerk R. A. Harkins, Borough Attorney Frederick Weigel., and Councilmen C. Bauries, H. Kuhlthau, G. Crabiel, B. Miller and A. Skewis being present.

The bonds of the collector and treasurer as well as bonds for all other officials were accepted by the Council.

The matter of the condition of the street In front of the car barn was discussed, and the Council ordered that in as much as the franchise with the Public Service provides that they (the Public Service) are to take care of the streets in front of their place, they would be ordered to do so.

Matter Left With Attorney.

The petition of the residents of Riva avenue relative to the concreting and curbing of the said avenue, was taken from the table and placed in the hands of Borough Attorney Weigel with instructions to proceed in the matter of drawing up an ordinance and specification for same as soon as possible in order to get work under way in the early spring. The street committee were authorized to purchase a horse and cart for the collection of garbage and general use in maintaining the streets.

While the Council are ready to receive bids for the collection of garbage at the same time they also are looking for a man that would act in the capacity of a general caretaker or overseer of the Borough whose duty it would be to take care of the cleaning of streets, collection of garbage, care of electric lights, etc.. Applications for which should be made to Mayor Richter. After careful consideration of expenditures. during the past year the Council seems to think it advisable to form a street cleaning department, which it is believed would be better for the people of the Borough, that it would be a great improvement over the present system, and at the same time more economical.

The Mayor was instructed to insert an advertisement in the Home News to the effect that all applications for this position should be made to him.

The appointment of a Street Commissioner for 1913, has been deferred until definite arrangements can be made.

Frederick Schneider, Borough Engineer, was present at the meeting and explained to the Mayor and Council the necessity of having an assessor’s or tax map made for the Borough, due to the fact that the legislative committee recently recommended a bill that all municipalities should have a tax map whereby the taxes could be levied more accurately. In this case, every piece of property would be sure to be taxed and the possibilities of omission would be slight.

The Council is not in a position to take any immediate action but the matter will receive careful consideration in the very near future.

Church Services at Milltown.

Dr. Morris will preach at both morning and evening services at the Methodist Church. His morning subject will be “The Cross Gives the True Estimate of Divine Love” and in the evening his subject will be “The Empty House.”

The Woman’s Home Missionary Society of this church will hold its regular monthly meeting at the home of Miss Etta Evans on Mon- day evening at 8 o’clock.

On Wednesday evening next a flinch party will be held in the lecture room under the auspices of the Epworth League. Everyone is invited to attend.

Services at the German Reformed Church will be as usual. In the afternoon Mr. Christ, assisted by members of the choir will give an organ recital in that church at 4 p. Prayer meeting in this church is held on Wednesday evening.

This Day in History: November 30th, 1914

This Day in History: November 30th, 1914

Payment by the City of New Brunswick to the Borough of Milltown for the expense of the Construction of a system of sewers in the Borough


An ordinance to issue bonds for the payment by the City of New Brunswick to the Borough of Milltown through which said Borough the water supply of the City of New Brunswick flows, of a portion of the expense of the Construction of a system of sewers in the Borough of Milltown:


Section 1. That the Common Councill of the City of New Brunswick under and by virtue of the provisions of a certain act of the Legislature of the State of New Jersey, entitled, “An Act to authorize cities and other municipalities having a public water supply derived from sources beyond the city limits to protect the same from pollution by providing for the payment of a portion of the expense of the construction of a system of sewers to any municipality through which said water flows, and providing also for the raising and expenditure of the money necessary for this purpose,” approved April 17, 1914, does hereby determine for the purpose of paying to the Borough of Milltown, through which Borough the water supply of the City of New Brunswick flows, a portion of the expense of the construction in said Borough of Milltown of a system of sewers, to appropriate and borrow the sum of twelve thousand five hundred dollars, ($12.500) and to issue bonds therefor in the corporate name of the City of New Brunswick.

Section 2. Said bonds shall bear date of December 1, 1914. The bonds issued shall be twelve in number of the denomination of one thousand dollars each, and one of the denominations of five hundred dollars: shall bear interest payable semi-annually on the first days of June and December in each year at such rate not exceeding five per centum per annum as shall hereafter be determined by resolution of

Common Council; shall be sold at public or private sale at not less than par and accrued interest: shall run for a period of twenty years; shall be signed by the Mayor, countersigned by the City Treasurer and the City Comptroller and attested by the City Clerk; shall be either registered or coupon bonds, and if coupon bonds, the interest coupon attached thereto shall be signed by the facsimile signature of the City Treasurer and the City Comptroller. The principal and interest of said bonds shall be payable at the office of the City Treasurer of the City of New Brunswick, New Jersey, in lawful money of the United States of America. The property, faith and credit of the City of New Brunswick are hereby pledged to secure the principal and interest of said bonds.

Section 3. That there shall be included in the tax levy for each and every year until the principal of said bonds shall have been fully paid and discharged a sum sufficient to pay the interest on said issue of bonds for that year, and also a sum equal to at least two per centum of the principal of said issue of bonds, which said, last mentioned sum shall be paid into the Sinking Fund of the City of New Brunswick, and shall be invested and reinvested from time to time for the purpose of providing for the payment of said issue of bonds at the maturity thereof.

Section 4. That the proceeds of the sale of said bonds shall be used exclusively for the purpose expressed in the title and in the first section of this ordinance and for no other purpose.

Section 5. This ordinance shall take effect Immediately.

In Common Council on October 19, 1914, the above ordinance was read the first and second time, adopted by sections, passed on second reading, and ordered to be engrossed for a third reading and published according to Law.

Adopted October 19, 1914.


EDWARD BURT. President.


City Clerk.

Passed in Common Council on third and final reading Nov. 6, 1914.



EDWARD BURT, President.

City Clerk.


Approved 16, November 1914.



This Day in History: May 18th 1916

This Day in History: May 18th 1916


Milltown, May 18 – The latest and greatest of all building booms in the history of Milltown Is the announcement of the erection of 54 new homes by the Michelin Tire Company at Milltown.

These houses will be located on Riva avenue on the North side of Milltown.

This building boom, together with the ever increasing capacity of the Michelin plant is the sign of a wonderful future for the borough of Milltown.

Riva Ave MIlltown 1924