This Day in History: March 21st, 1907

This Day in History: March 21st, 1907

Michelin tire Promotional Postcard 1910


Famous French Concern, the Michelin, Buys Out the International and Will Enlarge the Plant- Millions Behind the New Industry.

Little Milltown is to have the biggest boom in its history.

The celebrated Michelin Tire Co. has bought the entire plant of the International Tire Co. there and will turn the factory over to the manufacture of its own tires. In addition to this, it has plans already drawn for another factory to join the present structure. They will begin the manufacture of the Michelin tires next September. Work on the new factory building, however, will be started before then,

Ever since the Home News printed the fact that a $1000,000 company was incorporated in Trenton last week by the Michelin concern, mentioning Milltown as its New Jersey office and J. C. Matlack as the agent in charge, there have been rumors about the deal. These rumors it was not possible to confirm at Milltown, for little was known there.

The Home News succeeded today, however. In locating the general manager of the Michelin Tire Co. in New York and he informed us positively that his concern had bought the Milltown factory and would Improve and enlarge the plant. He said, further, that they expected at the outset to turn out 300 tires a day and Increase it as fast as they could get help He said also, that everybody employed by the International now who knew his business would be retained, but could say nothing now about the executive branches of the factory.

It is understood that the Michelin concern paid a handsome price to the International for its property. It is also believed that the present hands of the departments at Milltown will remain under the new concern.

The Michelin tire is the most famous automobile tire in the world, being at French patented article. The tire is Imported Into this country in great quantities and the import duty amounts to a considerable amount.

It Is High Class and Expensive. The French company has long desired n branch plant in this country where they can make the patented tire and save the Import duty. They fixed upon Mil- town as the proper site for their plant. The French plant of the Michelin company is located at Lyons, France.

This day in History: Mar 25, 1905 Late Edition

This day in History: Mar 25, 1905 Late Edition


President Matlaok, of the International A. & V. Tire Company, of Milltown, last evening gave a $5 gold piece to each of the 35 men who handled the hose of the company’s fire department on the night of the recent fire. These men did valuable service before the New Brunswick firemen arrived.

This day in History: Mar 25, 1905 Early Edition

This day in History: Mar 25, 1905 Early Edition

The Daily home News: New Brunswick, N.J. Saturday March 25, 1905


To the Editor of The Dally Home News:

Dear Sir:Out-of-town newspaper accounts of a small Are which occurred here on the night of the 21st Inst., have been so exaggerated that an emphatic denial Is necessary to counteract, as far as possible, the harm done to us.

The impression was given that we were put out of business. In fact, several papers stated that all the way from six hundred to a thousand employees would be idle for several months, or until the factory could resume operations.

We would thank you to advise the trade that the building destroyed was a detached warehouse used for storage purposes only. No manufacturing was done In the building destroyed and In our main plant, which consists of four large brick buildings with boiler plant and fire room attached, not even a pane of glass was broken. Our plant was not affected in any way and our regular routine of manufacturing and shipping was not interrupted for a moment. Thanking you in advance for any kindness shown us in this matter, wo remain.

Yours truly,


(The exaggerated accounts alluded to were printed in the New York World, Journal and Several Philadelphia papers)