This Day in History: November 11th, 1921

This Day in History: November 11th, 1921


Steve Bagonye Held Up and Robbed Near His Home Last Evening Hunt Underway For South River Men Who Are Suspected of Crime.

MILLTOWN, Nov. 11 – The Milltown police authorities, working in conjunction with the South River police, are endeavoring today to effect the arrest of two men, believed to be South River residents, who are wanted on a charge of having held up and robbed Steve Bagonye of Washington Avenue, this place. The victim is about fifty-five years of age and is the father of Dr. Eugene Bagonye, pastor of the First Spiritualist Church of Milltown.

Mr. Bagonye is employed at the Michelin tire plant and was on his way home about 5:15 o’clock yesterday afternoon when he was stopped at a point on Washington Avenue, near his home, by a stranger who asked for the courtesy of a match. As Mr. Bagonye came to a stop, another man sprang from some nearby bushes and placed his hand over the Milltown man’s mouth, his companion going through his pockets at the same time. The thieves got Mr. Bagonye’s pay envelope, containing $22, his penknife, and a bunch of keys.

Freeing himself, Mr. Bagonye screamed for help, whereupon the strangers knocked him down and one stamped upon his neck, while the other jumped on the ribs of the fallen man. After administering a thorough beating to him, the men ran away, leaving their victim nearly unconscious along the roadway. He was found in this condition a little later by a neighbor, who happened along and was assisted to his home.

This morning Mr. Bagonye had recovered sufficiently to give a fairly accurate description of his assailants and neighbors said they knew one of the men to be a resident of Washington Heights, South River. This information was conveyed to Chairman Dorn of the Milltown police committee, who summoned Marshals Beecher and Lins, and all three officials left at once for South River, where they enlisted the aid of Police Chief Ebberwein of that place.

Early this afternoon, a hunt for the South River man, believed to be one of Mr. Bagonye’s assailants, was underway, but with what success is not known.

This Day in History: September 30th, 1920

This Day in History: September 30th, 1920


Joseph Serederski, Better Known as Joseph Bender, Dies as a Result of Attack with Shears Assault Occurred at Milltown Factory.

Joseph Bender of 100 Causeway, South River, who was stabbed last Thursday afternoon in an altercation with a fellow employee at the Michelin Tire Company plant in Milltown, died late last night at St. Peter’s Hospital in this city from his injuries. While the deceased was commonly known by the name of Bender, his true name was Joseph Serederski.

Walonsi Wisneski of Milltown, who was arrested last Saturday afternoon in South River on charges of attacking Bender and has been held in the county jail without bail since then, will be formally charged with murder this afternoon. This was announced this morning by Chief County Detective Richard Peltier.

Initially, Bender’s injuries were not deemed severe, but his condition deteriorated the day after the attack. The prosecutor’s office was promptly directed to apprehend his assailant. Bender exhibited signs of improvement earlier this week, leading many to believe he would recover. However, Wisneski was denied bail pending the outcome of Bender’s injuries. Bender’s condition declined swiftly last night after a sudden relapse, resulting in his death.

Wisneski has declined to comment on the incident. It is alleged that both men were working together at the Michelin plant last Thursday afternoon when a dispute arose. Wisneski is said to have grabbed a large pair of shears, typically used for cutting rubber, and thrown them at Bender. The shears penetrated Bender’s abdomen, damaging his intestines. Chief of Police Ebberwein arrested Wisneski in South River on Saturday afternoon based on a warrant issued in Milltown by their colleagues. Wisneski was subsequently handed over to the prosecutor’s detectives. His case is expected to be presented to the grand jury in their upcoming session.

The late Joseph Serederski was 27 years old. He is survived by his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tony Serederski, along with a brother and sister. The funeral will take place from his recent residence on Causeway, South River, on Sunday afternoon at 2:15 o’clock, followed by a service at the South River Polish Church at 2:30 o’clock. Undertaker Maher is overseeing the funeral arrangements.

This Day in History: March 28, 1920

This Day in History: March 28, 1920


MILLTOWN, Mar. 28-The recent meeting of the Chamber of Commerce brought out many new ideas for the betterment of the community that if successfully undertaken and worked out will place this town on a higher plane along the industrial building and business lines than it has ever been before.

Expanding of the borough has met quite a snag from a number of tax-payers who are apparently being misled in their views along this line but that has not hampered the Commerce men’s progressiveness. The matter of improving the road between Milltown and South River was thoroughly discussed and after a lengthy talk on the matter, the secretary was authorized to communicate with the Chamber of Commerce of South River and East Brunswick township in an endeavor to arrange for a joint meeting and discuss the subject after which they will take it up with the State Highway Commission. The explanation of the advantages that may be obtained by Milltown showed that all would benefit thereby, especially the business places and the local industries. The road at the present time is in, wretched condition and traffic as far as business vehicles are concerned is almost completely cut off as the Weston Mills road is used generally from New Brunswick to South River. Hence the local business places are deprived of the opportunity to get in touch with the big wholesale concerns. It was also shown where the industries would be benefited if a good road was laid. The recent winter was cited when trolleys were blocked and South River people had to go to New Brunswick by bus. thence to Milltown to their daily work by car, whereas if a good substantial road was there busses could successfully run over the hard bottom.

A Weekly Paper.

The issuance of a weekly paper was a topic for unusual debate and all the members seemed unanimous on the idea as the “Spokesman” of South River has made quite a hit with the downriver people. The secretary was instructed to get in touch with Mr. Christie of New Brunswick and have him give a talk on the idea at the next meeting.

Too Much Speed.

Excessive speeding of vehicles passing through the town was also inquired into and the commerce men will take the matter up with the borough council in an endeavor to reduce the unnecessary speeding as some have been taking advantage of “no law” and dangerous spots of the borough especially where the school is located has never been considered. by the fast autoist.

Church Notices.

A special Palm Sunday service will be held Sunday in the Reformed Church at 10:30 A. M., when Rev. W. F. Barny will confirm a large preparatory class. Special decorations and special music will feature the service. Sunday school at 9:30 A. M. and evening service at 7:30. Rev. Father Maher will conduct holy man with a special service at the Catholic Mission at 9 A. M..

At the Methodist Church Rev. W C. Mealing and wife, noted Pennsylvania evangelists, will open a three- weeks campaign. Morning service at 10:30 A. M., Sunday school at 2 P.M.. Epworth League at 7 P. M. and preaching by the Evangelist at 7:30 P. M. A chorus choir of thirty-five voices will sing.

School Election..

Interest next Tuesday night centers on the public school election.. The voters will vote on two very important subjects, the first: a four-room addition to the present school to meet the present needs of the community. Second: the purchasing of the four and a half acres of ground in the rear of the school.

The new addition will cost in the neighborhood of $55,000, while the land will cost the school an even ten thousand.

Some taxpayers cannot see the Ideas of the Board of Education in desiring this large strip of land and for that reason will vote against it. but the Perent-Teacher Association may offset the opposition vote as they are strong for the purchase for they have already laid plans for a recreational center. Sentiment favors a school in South Milltown. hence the four-room addition will be bitterly attacked especially by residents of South Milltown. The polls will open at eight o’clock.